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Party Time: Birthday Season


The end of July has been a crazy time of life for me for the last eleven years. August marked the month I was due with both of my kids.  My daughter was due August 31st and came September 4th – due to miscalculation she should have been born in mid August.  That was joyful I tell you.

My son was born on August 24th.  I picked the date.  He had baked long enough and since my body was faulty on regulating the eviction part of pregnancy the doctor said, “When do you want him here?”  I responded, “Friday.”  She said, “See you then.”

You think that last month of pregnancy is something.  OK, well it is, you’re HUGE and if it’s August you are a little more uncomfy than usual.  One ninth month included a move and the other included thoughts of wondering if adding another child to the mix would screw up the first child.  Ahh hormones, you suck.

Ever since that first late July my late Julys have been busy.  Because the first one was prepping for the birth and from the second one on it has been prepping for birthdays.

Incase you didn’t catch on my kids are two weeks apart with birthdays. They are also 4 years and 50 weeks apart in age so they don’t always think of celebrating in the same way…until the parties happen and they are both having fun.  Wait the little guy rarely has fun doing what the girls do (which is generally screaming and yelling at him to GO AWAY!  Poor guy.  One day he will grow up and be the cutest boy on the planet (he already is but you understand) and they will be swooning over that smart, hunky, veterinarian with a side gig in engineering…high hopes, yes.)

This year I have decided to share with you how I do birthday parties for two kids who are two weeks apart and a little too far apart in age to do a joint party with.

I always ask them if they want a theme.

Cops and Robbers Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 63 of 65 | Catch My Party
My daughter picked Live PD – heck yes to donuts!  This is a cops & robbers theme from Pinterest.

I pay attention to my kids and know what they are into.  My daughter is seriously digging two tings her computer stuff (gaming) and Live PD.  Since I am not a computer gaming fan at all (and I’m paying for this celebration) I was totally down for a Live PD birthday party.

My son is into Minecraft (over it, myself.)  I have heard Minecraft themes are easy to pull off. But guess what?  So is pulling one over on your soon to be six year old.  He said Minecraft birthday and I heard water guns, pinatas, and hotdogs.  So when I relayed what I heard him say he was like “AWESOME MAMA!”

I love that boy.

I ask them to tell me three people they want to celebrate with.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, people sitting, child and shoes  Image may contain: 4 people, including Amanda Bullard and Lori Swanson Marion, people smiling, people standing, tree, child, outdoor and nature

My daughter always has her regular three ready to go.  Its the same three she has had over the last couple of years.

My son always has his three on the tip of his tongue too.

I start at three and then may increase it by one or two depending on who all they have in their classroom.  Since my son’s birthday is right before the school year starts this really doesn’t matter but my daughter may have a friend in her group she decides she really wants to invite.

I include the family.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Melissa Walker Souther, people sitting and food

The idea of hosting four parties sounds like pure hell.  I am just being totally honest.  I include family on the guest list of at least one of the kid’s parties so they can come, eat, celebrate, and I can say that multitasking is my jam.

Lately, it has been the inclusion of family on the little man’s party.  That is generally a more laid back, home based event so it’s just an easy atmosphere to have the grandparents and aunts and uncles over.

The cake at that party will be all about Little Man but I will have a little cupcake stand in honor of our firstborn so she can blow out candles with family around too.

I stay away from venues.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Amanda Bullard, people smiling, people sitting and food
Chilling out in the kitchen!

With the exception of the park.  I grew up going to home birthday parties and I totally respect that and am cool with it.  You know I wear that tightwad crown and I do it for a good reason.  I want to hold on to some money so I have it for something bigger (like trips.) We do not do venues other than our home or the park.

I guess I am truly am a 90’s mom in a 20teen world.  Fire up the grill with hotdogs, open up Cheez-Doodles, juice-boxes, and make a sheet cake and cupcakes.  Have the adults gather in one area with a fifth of bourbon while the kids run around the backyard like wild banshees.  This is living.

Just kidding on that bourbon part.  Arbor Mist was created for kid’s birthday parties.  It’s just old Juicey Juice they repurposed.  (I imagine that is what it is…don’t snopes that.)

But really – kids don’t have to have the Taj Mahal.  They just want to laugh, have fun, and be with the people they adore.

Late day scheduling is the thing.

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and outdoor

If I’m hosting the party at home then it will be late day.  This is because I want all day to get stuff in order.  I also do not want to screw up someone’s Saturday by putting our event in the middle of the day.  If I’m hosting the party at the park then it will be late morning (and now I apologize for crapping on your day) because the temperature is just right and no one will die of heat exhaustion from playing tag.

Now that my kid is older I have decided to change her parties from drop off to getting the kids from the car rider line.  That way we can start the celebration immediately after school and they will be tired from a week at school so maybe just maybe we can get more than three hours of sleep!

And that makes up my little list of sanity savers for planning the kiddo birthday celebrations.  For the next few weeks I’m going to show you some stuff I am working on for this year’s birthdays.  And guess what?  It follows the theme (I had no clue!) of The Blended Blog’s August theme of PARTIES!

Yipppeeeee!  So guys share your thoughts on kid parties all month (and not just July because um yeah we’re ending it) long!





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