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Healthy Girl Here!


Guys it has been a hot minute since I posted my good ole (and much read, thanks y’all!) Healthy Girl post!  I wanted to take today to kinda say, YO WUZZUP?  And to share some good stuff with you.

Oh and I hope you all had a terrific weekend.

In the event this is the first HG Post from me you have ever read I preach a few things and those few things are:




Yes.  That’s about all I preach from the pulpit of the keyboard.  I mean those three things alone will immensely increase your energy, mood, and overall health.  To go into a toe deep pool on those three basics I have this advice (because it has been so dang long since I posted HG.)

Drink your dang water and use a BIG cup.  Those big Yeti (or if you’re like me Feti) cups are awesome.  Drink them down and make sure you get in at least three full ones a day.  I also have an issue with forgetting my things in the morning so sometimes I have to grab a liter bottle of water at the gas station.  I keep it and refill it four times a day!  Don’t throw the things away – clean them out, use for up to three days, recycle.

Water makes you prettier too.  Just sayin’.

Exercise and you know this!  Sedentary living is for manatees and you see how fat they are.  I don’t care if they live to be 120 years old God did not make you to be a sea cow.  he made you to be an awesome, amazing, piece in this puzzle that can DO!  I don’t bash exercises you find what is your jam and you run with it.  I like to train so I am big on Metabolic classes (short on time and high on work).  You don’t have to body build to look good.  All you need is to get that heart rate up, add in some gentle weights, and commit.

After getting hurt in May I don’t run anymore.  I really had to change up my work outs due to a few physical factors.  These days you will find me on a walking trail, elliptical, or in a class Metabolic Effect Training, Les Mills Body Combat, or Les Mills Sprint.  (Who is Les Mills?  Go to your local YMCA and find out!)

Exercise makes you smarter too.  Just sayin’.

(It also helps give you a natural high.  So if you’re not in Colorado or California I suggest you check into it.)

Reduce your sugar intake.  You say:  Easier said than done.  No, sister, not in the summer!  You have nature’s dessert board at your pleasure.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, berries, pineapple, OH MY GOSH I am salivating.

Why do people hate on sugar?  Because sugar makes us fat.  It also is HORRIBLE for your HEART!  If you care about your ticker then you better calm down on processed foods like fast food, wrapped food (cellophane is the dead giveaway, friends), easy food (Easy Mac my white tail!), any and all cereals, white bread (though I prefer my tomato sandwiches on it!)

If you reduce your sugar intake (that’s bad carbs too) then you will look amazing and you will be smarter.

Now you want to rag me for saying you will be smarter?  Well hold up, wait a minute, let me put some science in it.

When you eat crap your body metabolizes crap and that means your cells are well…crap.  They function at a totally different speed than a body that is fed good, whole, healthy stuff!  And when I say cells I mean brain cells.  If you’re feeling sluggish, foggy, and you ask where you put your keys a few too many times a day then you need to reset your lifestyle a little.

Healthy food = healthy brain.

Healthy lifestyle = healthy brain.

Healthy lifestyle = Gorgeous.


You need a recipe!

Layered Vegetable Tabbouleh Salad

This is so simple and easy and requires maybe $5.  All I request is that you have one MASSIVE glass dish to store it in so you can eat this all week long.

2 heads of lettuce chopped (pick your lettuce, I use iceberg because I don’t care about your Nordstrom sale LOL – had to sorry!)

3-4 cucumbers sliced or diced

1 bunch of celery chopped

2-3 tomatoes sliced or diced or quartered however you prefer

2-3 carrots chopped or shredded your pick (I love options!)

2 Green Bell Peppers diced or chopped

3-4 Tablespoons of your favorite dressing (if you like Ranch then by gosh use it)

Optional:  1/2 cup of shredded cheese

What you’re going to do is simple – layer your ingredients in your massive dish (I really like an oversized trifle dish)

Start with lettuce end with peppers, sprinkle part of that cheese and a tablespoon or two of dressing then repeat your layers.  I have been doing this weekly and it’s the perfect go to for snacking or just as a meal (I add in a little tuna or whatever protein left over I have from the night before.)

I really love this because you don’t go crazy with dressing and you find out that salad that isn’t drowning has way more flavor!  Well…it does this time of year!




6 thoughts on “Healthy Girl Here!”

    1. Skippy that! We have had cool and grey weather here and it’s messing up my brain, girl! I had to get out and recharge. About time to do it all again! I hope your day is great! xo


  1. I want to be smarter! Why do I love sugar so dang much. It’s my nemesis for sure. I good on water and exercise but me and sugar are gonna have to slug it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl! I am with you! I’ve always been good at fighting the sugar and then this summer happened!!!! What the what? I may start texting you when I am falling to the addiction!


    1. And you know how thrilled I am about that. I hate it took a dang heart attack but sometimes (many times) that is what it does take to make us make some changes. Love to all you guys! xo


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