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This Ever Loving Week


Friday and here I am.  I made it out unscathed (I think!)  And here’s hoping you did too!

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Last weekend my husband bought me a GMC Acadia.  That happened on Saturday.  On Tuesday the damn thing nearly left me stranded!  To say this is a headache is a great understatement.  Currently, I’m sporting a 2019 Honda Accord (loaner).  I miss a good sedan.  Though the body style is not to my liking the car is sweet.

I will know about the Acadia soon.


This week I hired a new employee.  She was pretty great and she works for minimum wage happily!  OK so it may be my daughter.  Homegirl is saving up to buy an iPad so she decided to work with mama.  It’s been fun.  It’s also been a little bittersweet because on one drive to a client’s home we got to talking about how the last year of elementary is a big transitional year.  After this school year she will age out of nearly everything she’s ever known – it’s amazing how much stuff ends in the fifth grade year.  I guess we can call it a right of passage.  You’re too old for organized play groups and ready for middle school chaos.  Ha!  She did share with me that she was not going to return to basketball this year.  I was a little bummed by it – not that I like basketball but she seemed to like it! She told me she just wants to do swim all year.  OK!  Then she said she only wanted to do swim where she always has and I was super duper bummed.  But you do what you do for your youngens.

Speaking of the kiddos…VBS was this week at our church and I had so much fun leading my little crew.  I think that they enjoyed dance the most and I just enjoyed the enthusiasm of all the BIGs as they were leading all the LITTLES!  Now let me say that I will forever be saying “serve the burger” when I think of certain dance moves.

I did not get to the gym this week. However, I made a new acquaintance and we talked gym/YMCA for an entire rotation at VBS one night.  Barre at the YMCA is a great idea,  y’all.  Get on that.

One place I did go to is Target.  What did I buy for myself?  A box of tampons and a caramel macchiato.  I know, I know, you are so jealous.  Seriously, we went in to buy a birthday gift (y’all Pete The Cat books were $3!) and to get a friend of my kiddo’s a few get well presents.  She had back/spinal surgery for what I believe is scoliosis.  She’s a huge Pokémon fan so you know we went knee deep into Pokémon land and found some cool little things to occupy her time while she’s healing.

Last week I shared with you that my husband took a big promotion.  This has been the “in the trenches” week.  Management is no joke and he’s learned that pretty fast.  We haven’t seen him much because he’s been pulling twelve hours at the new location and trying to learn the new ropes.  I really hope he can be home this weekend!

So I shared a few graphics this week on my social and I wanted to share them here too….

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This is it, y’all.  I was talking to the daughter (who has no idea what she wants to be when that time rolls around for her to make a decision…) and I saw this.  I could easily spit out my three – organization/cleaning; group ex; and cooking/gardening/blogging.  If you cannot fill in each blank then let’s work on it together!

No automatic alt text available.

So if you follow my IG then you may have saw the piece of my story where I had a picture of the band we got at VBS on my wrist and what a HUGE moment I had in the midst of a lot of worry on Wednesday.  Y’all the wreck is finally going to be behind me along with all the stuff that came with it (except the fact my elbow will forever ache…) and to get that in writing while I was in super stressed out mode was a prayer answered.  In the middle of all the worry a wave of calm the crap down crashed over me.  Life is short, enjoy more.

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And you probably cannot even trust him.  Seriously though I had a great sales lady at Flow Honda (Winston-Salem) she wasn’t pushy she was funny we were literally together for nearly five hours we all bonded and sang Kumbaya.  OK maybe not that last part.  Her name is Amy Routh and I suggest you ask for her if you head over to the Honda.  If we would have had the first guy I would have never bought a thing there.  I don’t like sleazy.  (Don’t ask for his name just steer clear of the man past middle aged with pleated slacks…)

So the weekend is here and…it’s going to rain, my kids are venturing to a VBS at a community church (weekend VBS is the perfect idea!!!), and we have a gender reveal for the niece or nephew that will be born in December.  Oh yeah surprise I’m going to be an aunt.  That’s how it was sprung on me as well HA!  My bet is GIRL.

Enjoy this weekend, friends!  I will be back next week for regularly scheduled posts including Healthy Girl, WUW, and more.







8 thoughts on “This Ever Loving Week”

  1. Wow, my sweets, what a week and what a sweet little helper you have there! LOVE the new set of wheels, always loved Acadia’s! No sleazy for me neither!!!! Wishing you sunshine in spite of the rain, it’s going to be pouring all weekend here too! Maybe I’ll read, but then I’ll get antsy, lol! Hugs sugar!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry about the Acadia, that stinks! So I have a gently used iPad for sale. My ex gave it to me at the end and I never use it. Its newish and white and gold. Maybe we can arrange a sale for your beautiful little special helper. Email me. Man I wish I could do the exchange in person! have a great weekend in your accord!

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  3. Is it not crazy how big of a transition 5th grade is? We just had the same talk in my house…and Maddi has a locker this year. She is really excited to decorate it…I just think of all the junk it will accumulate. Ha! Such a bummer about your Acadia. Hopefully you get it back soon and in top notch shape. I also hope your hubby doesn’t have to work all weekend. Happy Friday Amanda!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such a transition year! Here kids get lockers in 7th because bookbags are not allowed. I pick up the Acadia today and it has to be ready for a work trip at the end of the week….eeeek! Nervous!

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  4. Sorry to hear you got stranded this week. I hope you like the Acadia. We almost bought one a few years ago until I drove the Enclave. The Acadia is on a truck bed and the Enclave is on a car bed, so since I was use to driving a car, we bought the Enclave and I love it! Hope your weekend gets better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On a chassis? My husband wanted the Acadia. For me. You get it. lol Anywho I am going to pick it up shortly and it better be ready for a work trip to the coast! Love ya honey!


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