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Just Pin It.

When do you use Pinterest?  Do you go there only on a mission?  There was a time that that was exactly what I did.  For example:  When my son wanted a Lego birthday party theme I went to Pinterest for ideas.  The other was when I tried to do a regular blog post of putting in a random search on the site and seeing the first five things that popped up (that was fun.)

Today I want to show you the last five things I pinned and why they made the “pin” er cut?

And since today is hair day I may go ahead and do a second post because when I’m in the processer I am pinning away!

1.  This pin regarding vinegar and pet care.

How to use vinegar f

So I know you are going, wait, what?  I know it’s weird but the thing is this I rely on vinegar so heavily I figured animals should too (remember we are animals.) To be totally truthful with you my little guy takes Nexguard and it causes him to itch.  A little bit of vinegar in the water could potentially reduce his itching.  My cat is a strictly indoor animal (sunlight could kill her she assumes) so I thought she needs all the help she can get because she doesn’t seem very healthy with her sleep, eat, repeat pattern.  So yeah there’s my reasoning why I pinned that.  I never visited the site that it linked to.  HA!

2. Is it too late for a bucket list?

Create a Family Bucket List - Printable | Childhood101

The kids have about six weeks left of summer break.  I figured we needed to make it count and why  not print these off and have the big kid fill one out, the little kid tell me his answers (though they may be Pokémon related…), and the hubs and I do one.  Sounds like an awesome plan, right?   Yeah, I haven’t printed yet.  My honesty level is off the charts today.

3.  That whole summer project thing.

My screened in porch :)

Well it feels like five years but for the last three weeks my husband has been on again off again about making my screened in porch dream come true.  I got a little too excited (and a little too removed from having kids) that I started pinning beauties like this one for ideas.  Yeah that’s not happening but it’s pretty.  If you’re wondering my colors are not neutrals.

4.  We were going to bake up some S’more Bars for a GA sleepover.

S'mores Cookie Bars: Soft, chewy, and slightly crunchy graham cracker cookie bars with a marshmallow swirl and semi-sweet chocolate chips. ~ Something Swanky

Guys these are easy and look delicious.  My daughter decided to make cupcakes instead of these bars.  I will be making these later.  I know I will.

5. Words of affirmation or something like that.

I need the beach.  And pretty soon I should be getting a lot more of it!  This little quote just makes me smile and focus on the future.

So what is making your pin list?  I’m curious!  And are you a similar pinner as myself?  Pin it and mean to check the link and find out more but fail to do so?  Please let me know I’m not alone!!!


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