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Bad Experiences with Humanity

In the course of four days I have had two encounters with exceptionally rude people.

I have to admit I’m pretty lucky and get to be around happy people who joke and smile.  But since last Thursday my run ins with psychotic rude people have been on the rise.

I do not like it.

Maybe we are all due a wake up call that idiots exist.  Who knows?  But I can say this.  I am over rude and mean people.  People who get off on being total bitches to whoever they zone in to be the target?  They need to get a grip or get a diagnosis

Consider this post my middle finger to all the disgusting people in the world.

And if one more person says, “Amanda, they may be going through something.” Then let me say this, The next time I’m going through something I will totally use that as my excuse, ok?



When you are feeling like the world is going to hell in a hand basket make a cobbler.  Cobbler has the magical ability to erase a middle aged man cussing you ragged and then cussing your kid.  Cobbler also reminds you that being self employed has it’s perks even when people think that since you are self employed you are not really working.  I digress…


Easy Peasy Peach Cobbler:

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of AP flour

1 stick of butter (softened)

1 cup of milk

Preheat oven to three hundred and fifty degrees.

Extremely lightly grease a dish (any size you want.)  I recommend you use a really pretty dish.  Go buy one of those dang Pioneer Woman ones at Walmart.  They scream out COBBLER to me.

In your prepared dish toss in three cups of cut peaches.  You can cut them into bite size pieces or just slice them.  I don’t care honey – you do you.

In a mixing bowl combine your sugar, flour, milk, and butter and stir until the mixture is all moistened.  If you hate that word then I would say wet but c’mon people it’s all the same and it’s all because you people read smut.  (I crack myself up.)

Pour the batter into the dish.  Gently toss.

Bake for about 40-45 minutes.  When it’s bubbling and lightly browned you know it’s ready.

Scoop out some into another pretty bowl, take it to your porch, enjoy every bite while telling the world to screw the hell off.

Best served with vanilla ice cream or Vodka.



13 thoughts on “Bad Experiences with Humanity”

  1. I throw my hands up sometimes, I am so tired of people’s excuses for treating others with dis-respect and their own entitlement. LOVE each other. We need more people like you in this world my sweetness and more yummy cobbler!! Love this recipe sis!

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    1. Excuses are our society now…I feel like. But cobbler is a cure all. You feel bad? Let me scoop you some out. You feel good? Then let’s have a vodka tonic and celebrate. I love ya, Andrea!


  2. Amanda,

    I couldn’t agree more! I am not having it with this idea that they’re going through something and that grants them immunity from being an asshole with me. When I go through something, I don’t get a card that I can carry around that absolves me of being a dick . . soooo, I don’t act like a dick. Simple.

    Irritable? Off your game? Okay, I get it. We’ll keep a safe distance until it passes. Mean and rude? Nah . . sorry. No excuses.

    And making cobbler is a brilliant strategy! With vodka? Genius!

    Peace and cobbler (with vodka)

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    1. Cobbler and vodka cure all. I swear I get a week each month where I could be a complete and total bitch but do I? No I reserve it for a work out session. Thanks for commenting I appreciate your time and words!


  3. Sorry you’re having a slump right now with RUDE people! Especially when it comes to cussing your kid! You cobbler recipe = my cobbler recipe! I make the same one! Hope your day is better, Babe!

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  4. People are getting ruder and standards are slipping, with more excuses being made. I am too old now to make excuses for people or tolerate it and call it out every time I see it, even if that isn’t the British way at all. You are right not to tolerate it! People wo think that if you are self-employed you are not really working are totally deluded or lacking in education of ways of the world – it is a MILLION times harder than being an employee – you have to be about 10, or 20, jobs in one. I feel you sister! Joanne xx

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