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The day after trying to workout in a wheelchair.. :p Upper body training to the max with a broken leg. No pain, no gain, right? ;)

I went back to the gym last week.  Oh.My.God.  My body is screaming in pain.  But it’s that pain that I live for.  It means work is being done.  On my goal list I put 14 classes for the month.  I’m two down and twelve to go.  However, after a terrible experience yesterday I am not to keen on going by myself.  If you saw the Insta Story then you know!



I suffer from plantar fasciitis and a horrible pronation of my feet.  All that adds together to yield some horrible knees.  So today’s shopping trip to get new shoes is so exciting to me.

We have a Summer Project going on and it came to a standstill after my husband decided to just start sleeping instead of completing the project. We have two different work ethics.  This is not good.  He then decided to get back on the project after I lost my ever loving mind on him.  Then he quit again.  Y’all….I cannot!


Last week my daughter was away at camp.  The boy and I had a super fun week together.  We have played countless hands of Uno, played outside, and had one of his friends over!  This is such a sweet age and I’m soaking it up.  He did miss his sister though!  When we ventured over to pick her up on Friday he had fell asleep in the car.  When he woke up and saw her he smiled so big and said, “CAMMY!”  Precious.  Of course they were fighting fifteen minutes later.  #thestruggle

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The past weekend was hot, lovely, and fun.  Saturday morning a little worky worky.  Then we hit the pool up.  Daughter opted to skip it and chill out at home relaxing after a busy camp week.  I took away her computer this summer.  I’m sick of kids and technology.  Well I gave it to her to play on while we were swimming.  Then I took it away again.  She’s seriously a better human being without technology but aren’t we all?

If I could sum up this week with one word it would be WORK.  Every day has been super jam packed with work and then I get home and cannot seem to unwind! While you were all doing your July 4th thing I was doing that American thing of working.  But I had to smile when my fabulous client who runs Cana Farms said, “I left you some sunflowers on the dryer!”  Y’all….I swear flowers are the language of my heart (aside from good wine, pretty water, and cash money LOL)


So here we are on the cusp of the first full weekend of July.  I hear we’re getting rain today but that’s all good. The husband and I reignited our weekly date nights and guess what tonight is?  Tomorrow is going to be unseasonably Northern (that’s for Kim if she’s reading today) with a high of 79 – what the what?  I have ZERO plans and I am just content as can be with that.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend.






2 thoughts on “Friday & Stuff”

  1. Sunflowers for my sunny babe, that is sweet! Harper B’s grin, I wanna pinch those sweet checks! Sorry about your tootsies. I occasionally have flare ups and it throws a wrench into your normal work out groove! May the weekend be peaceful. I’m getting ready to float down the river and will kick and scream when time to head home tomorrow. Loves ya!

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