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Coffee Talk: Currently on the brain!


Time for that post where I randomly type things on my brain.  Grab a cup of coffee, water, tea, whatever is your jam and let’s talk!

Maybe I should make more smoothies.  I cannot tell you how many thousands of times a week I think that.  OK maybe thousands is a stretch.   Yes, I think about this a lot and I do not know why.  I have a Ninja Pro but of course everyone is like oh you need a Vitamix.  Oh you think?  I think not.  I can put $500 on something way cooler than a smoothie maker.  Ya weirdos.  Instead I invested $10 in some cute Pioneer Woman mason jars with lids and straws and have been making smoothies like an Olympic champion.  (And my kids are freaking LOVING it.)

No one else drinks coffee here anymore.  I used to share coffee with my husband.  He quit coffee.  It’s just me now.  All alone in the world of wonderful java.  I’ve been contemplating getting rid of my coffee maker and just going French Press.  The flavor cannot be beat.  And honestly – does a one coffee drinker house really need a Keurig and traditional brewer?  I doubt it.


IMG_4893 (1)
Last July 4th!~  Our first one with Brady (the pup).  


Independence Day makes me so sad.  Technically summer just started, right?  Well why does July 4th remind me that “summer” is nearing that halfway mark?  I hate it.  I mean Happy Birthday, America but can we please slow this season down? This year I am spending this fabulous day celebrating by going to work.  I know how to party, right?  No worries we have lovely friends hosting a party on Saturday in lieu of today’s holiday.  I really think I may bake this bad boy up too. Oh and to be totally American I am going to Walmart today.

While my daughter was at camp I cleaned her room.  Like deep cleaned it and took out three bags of trash/donations.  Whew.  While I was in there she had a note on her nightstand and it made me laugh.  It was a letter to the tooth fairy in which she wrote:

I do not believe in you anymore but I do love you.  Could you leave me $5-$20 my needs and wants are a little larger now that I’m older. – Cam

I watched Evil Genius.  Damn.  That’s all I’m left with.  I really love these psychological real life documentaries but like I told my husband, “I can only watch so many before I start hating humanity.”


Last week I was finally back to the gym.  And a lot has changed with this body of mine since I had been away.  I hate to admit it but I’m not in my twenties anymore.  My knees are jacked up, my plantar fasciitis is at an all time high, and things just don’t seem to be working right all the way around.  (For the love of the Lord I get sacral raspberries just from doing sit ups?!?!)  One issue (over-pronation and the knee issue) could be partly to blame on my shoes.  I have to buy new sneakers at least three times a year.  I was wearing my New Balance Costas as a joke to myself I guess.  I was thrilled to get back into a pair of Asics Kayano.  If you have overpronation, supination, knee problems, plantar fasciitis you should be wearing Asics sneakers.  They actually are built to beef up the heel and help correct pronation issues.  I will share more about this at a later date if you are interested in weird stuff such as I am.

Make up yeah no.  I haven’t worn make up at all this summer.  Maybe that’s wrong?  I do put on a dab of concealer to highlight my under eye area. Then I put on mascara because really what is life without mascara?  Scary I tell you that is what it is!  Do you wear full face make up in the summer months?  Specifically if you live south of Pennsylvania and east of Arizona.

Our Summer Project 2018 is still not finished.  I was so thinking this would be the project we finished in two days.  I was so wrong.  Though I know I will love this new space I am not in love with the way things have dragged out. My husband is off work today so I’m hoping he can get it knocked out.  Let’s not hold our breath.

What’s on your brain, shug?  Let’s start a dialogue!  Leave a comment, find me on IG or Facebook.  But most of all have a wonderful day off *hopefully!*

Happy birthday, USA! Thanks, Anne, for the words!



I may not have been quiet this month.  Sharing the goals from Monday.  Link below.


Did you catch Monday’s post? Check it out!




12 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: Currently on the brain!”

  1. Well your blog hates me so I am going to try commenting as Manning the Middle and see if that works (even though I’m not blogging there anymore).
    Anywho… Working on the 4th? I don’t like it! And please share some smoothie recipes…my kids hate my smoothies!

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  2. Of course one coffee drinker needs a machine to herself – that sounds like a dream! I am just on decaff at the mo as recently pregnant, and I miss my caffeine! Such a personal indulgence. French Press is great but there is always a tendency to overdo the coffee scoops (I have to use Nespresso pods to save myself from coffee overdose). Goof for you going makeup free – I’ve done this before for months at a time. Right now I am using only natural brands and I’d be better off wearing nothing at all as they are just greasing and sweating off my face and onto everything else except me. Read your sad at 4th July and thought awwwww she wishes they were still part of the UK, hahaha! Only to read it is just because you are realising how fast the year is going haha!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mean the wanna be Anglophile in me is a bit sad lol!!! Congrats on your pregnancy- that’s great news! I can tell you my make up cannot take 80% humidity! Xo sweetness!


  3. What a fun post; I really enjoyed reading your writing! Hope you have fun at your party Saturday. I should take your advice and clean my daughter’s room; she leaves for camp tomorrow. I am afraid she would notice anything I got rid of now that she is a bit older. 😦

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