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July #dothis

Midsummer.  Time to soak up every freaking second of this glorious season.  June was busy with school ending, vacation, and work.  July is trying to tell me it will be just as busy and that’s fine I guess?

Hello July - flag with sparkler

July is the month of summer camp for my son.  He’s going to Kinder Camp which will help him to be even more prepared for Kindergarten (he starts in late August.) The kid is super excited for three weeks of being at the “big” school.  I will also be taking advantage of those early back to school sales since I have to purchase some supplies for him to take to camp.  OK this kind of makes me want to hurl.  It’s July.  I want to buy something a little more fun but I must remember to him this is fun.

Goal:  Get back to reading.  I have taken a vacation of sorts from reading for myself and to my little one.  This month that changes.  I’m going back to carving out reading time for the both of us.

For the last two years I have taken a sabbatical from doing much volunteering.  The summer of 2018 marks an end to that.  Now that I’m preparing to be in a new season of mothering (as in no kids at home during the day) I am ready to transition back to being hands on in the world of volunteering.  Don’t even think that I will abuse this.  No, I’m not the kind of volunteer mom who thinks the cord is still attached.  But I will be more active in spreading my time to help out in various areas.

Meeting it this month:  Volunteering with our church’s VBS!  This is the first time in two years that I will be back to VBS-ing it.  And if I do say so it’s so fun!  Our church goes all out for the kiddos.  Yay!

I miss the river.  As in the New River pretty much.  I talk about taking the kids canoeing and or kayaking all the time but we never drive the forty-five minutes to the place.  This month that changes!  We are going.  I’m packing the packs and grabbing some cash and going to the mountains for a day on the water.  Back up, Betty, we’re busting through.

Goal:  Before the month’s end go to Zaloo’s.  I’m thinking mid July.

It’s time to host some friends for a good ole cook out and bonfire with beverages.  The kids can play while the adults laugh a lot.  These times are best for my soul.  I think the last time we did this was last November and um yeah that’s way too long of a gap!  Everyone tries to pull that whole “we’re busy in the summer” but really most people are not as busy as they try to seem.  Get over that people!  Live life!

Goal:  Host some friends before the end of the month!  We can call it summer supper club.

I have not seen my bestie since the first Sunday of May.  This is heartbreaking.  Between busy schedules and trips we have been able to talk each day but not actually have that good ole get together.  This month that shall change!

Goal: Meet the bestie for lunch on an off work week.

My daughter wants to have a sleepover.  We generally host two a summer.  I think one will suffice for this summer!

Goal:  Host a sleepover for the daughter.

Since I’m back to working out at the gym (yay!!!)  I decided to keep myself in line and on a regular schedule.  There is one week (VBS week) that will upset the apple cart of working out but other than that I’ve decided I can commit to four days a week.

Goal:  July work outs should equal 14 classes taken.

And finally – at the end of May I said I wanted to have a weekly date night with my husband.  As Elvis said, “It’s now or never.”

Goal:  Weekly date night FOR REAL!

Do you have goals for the month ahead?  Anything changing in your world that requires you to do some changing as well?  Share it!  Get it off your chest!  We got this!  Happy July, friends.



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