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This ever lovin’ week!

Another Friday? So soon?  I had this week pretty much off work so I'm kind of sad that Friday is here then again.... I'm beach bound today so maybe not! My mom and her husband bought a condo at North Myrtle Beach and I'm on my way down to spend the weekend cleaning and prepping… Continue reading This ever lovin’ week!


Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Your Home

A lot of you know that my actual job is running my cleaning and organizing business.  If you are an OCD freak show who likes immediate satisfaction from seeing your work completed in a two to four hour time period then you know why this was a good fit for me! This summer I have… Continue reading Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Your Home

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Party Time: Birthday Season

The end of July has been a crazy time of life for me for the last eleven years. August marked the month I was due with both of my kids.  My daughter was due August 31st and came September 4th - due to miscalculation she should have been born in mid August.  That was joyful… Continue reading Party Time: Birthday Season


Book Share – Kristy Woodson Harvey

I do like books, I do! Today I'm giving you a few titles to check out if you want to.  I know we all have our own personal preference of genre so if this doesn't fit your reading forte then that's OK! I had never heard of Kristy Woodson Harvey before so when she popped up… Continue reading Book Share – Kristy Woodson Harvey

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Bad Experiences with Humanity

In the course of four days I have had two encounters with exceptionally rude people. I have to admit I'm pretty lucky and get to be around happy people who joke and smile.  But since last Thursday my run ins with psychotic rude people have been on the rise. I do not like it. Maybe we… Continue reading Bad Experiences with Humanity