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BOY Week Begins NOW!

This week I am off work (except for one day) and I am the full time entertainer and partner in crime with my five year old.  The daughter is at church camp.  I was contemplating what in the world the small fry and I would do this week.  We must have fun and I must get some stuff completed around the hacienda.  My son is my easiest to appease child so I decided to make a little list of things we could do that wouldn’t make me want to take an ice pick to my eye balls.

Have a friend over to play.  Little Man begins kindergarten in late August and guess what?  He really doesn’t know a soul going to kindergarten at his school (except for two kids he previously had daycare with a couple years ago.) It just so happens one of the up and coming kinders is (read this slow so it sinks in) his sister’s bestie’s little brother.  All spring I said I was going to have the little dude over to play but it never quite worked out.  Well guess what…it does now!  I’m planning a day of all things little dudes with playing in the dirt, playing with Legos, and eating ice cream.

Swim.  You have heard me whine like a petulant child over the fact I am without a pool for the first time in eleven years.  Well I do have a YMCA membership and it is time to use it again.  It just so happens the Y we switched to has an outdoor water space so whooppeeeee!  And if there isn’t a pool then we have some really fabulous neighbors who have offered up their pool for our use.  It will be happening!  (Gina, I don’t know if you read but I will be calling you, friend!  And I will bring goodies to say thanks!

Speaking of the YMCA…I am starting back to work outs this week *yay!* While I work out my little pumpkin can go play with other kids in Kid’s Club.  That is a major win win since he’s always enjoyed that (as do I!)

And to be honest that is my list.  I went to Pinterest to find some ideas for fun things to do as well and thought I should do my due diligence and pass these along to you.

$5 Friday...Fun Activites for Our Boys of Summer | Simple Simon and Company
This caught my eye because my son loves two things more than anything else:  candy and building.  A post called $5 Friday had ideas for summer fun for kids.  Click here.
AW-esome! Set up a shoot and splash target practice in the backyard. Perfect summer activity for kids!
We are the proud owners of like twenty Nerf guns.  This looks like a perfect thing for my “let’s play army” boy.  Here’s the pin.
Sour Worm Popsicles by #amomstake - Great way to cool off with this summer Popsicle recipe for Kids! #Summer, Summer Fun, Summer Ideas
This makes me cringe buy my kid lives for nasty sour candy (especially Trolli Brites!)  I think we may have to try this just for him.  Here’s the pin!

And that is pretty much that for now!  Follow on IG to see the shenanigans of the week! @mrsamandabullard




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