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Easy Peasy Summer Dinner 1

In my little part of the South we celebrate summer by listening to some complain about the incessant heat.  This week we are nearing one hundred degrees and the complainers are in full force.  Yes, I know I am a weird cat who thrives in hot and balmy weather.  I prefer a humidity level of 100% over a cold, snowy day any time.  Summer is my season.  I was built for it.  However, many of my Southern counterparts are in total disagreement with my passion for hot and steamy weather.

Bless their hearts.

When you are faced with a scorcher of a season the idea of cooking is something that fails to tickle your fancy.  If it were just me and my husband we probably would just skip dinner all together in the summer.  We both love to be outside and one thing heat doesn’t lend a hand in is being hungry.  I guess the intake of beer could also aid in the filling of one’s tummy and if we equivocate it to liquid bread well we’ve had our dinner via the Landshark or Bud Light.

Alas, I have children.  Children require food and if you have a boy then you know that children require a substantial amount of food.  I hae often wondered if growing boys are the equivalent of draft horses by the amount of food they can consume in any weather.  Sure, I could make a meat loaf and mashed potatoes straight with corn and green beans but listen here – I am not my late Mamaw and that child is lucky to get a couple bologna sandwiches when this mama is too hot to fathom the idea of walking into a kitchen.

I spend a good amount of time formulating easy meals that require little to no heat.  And also little to none of my time.

Today I want to share with you a dish I put on my good ole Instagram this week.  I had several DM’s requesting the recipe and thought this would make a decent blog post.  The photo is strictly from my Instagram account so I apologize for the lack of goodness it potentially give your eyes.  But I must say they did a number for some people on IG so hey maybe the quality of the photo doesn’t matter?

This is a shrimp stir fry recipe.  If you are like my dear Missy in Louisiana and you cannot partake in my shrimp loving party then you can sub in some yard bird (chicken).


What you need:

1 pound of shrimp – make sure you have cleaned it up (deveined and tail off)

1 zucchini – remember these are in season and they also grow great in gardens so if you can grow your own then you should.

1 red onion – the damned things are purple why do they call them red?

2 cups of mushrooms

1 orange or red bell pepper – I used orange because orange is a good color and that is the only reason I picked it over red.


Salt and pepper

And…the holy grail….Old Bay Seasoning.

On your stove top heat up 2 tablespoons of EVOO.  When it starts to shimmer (that means it’s getting thin and looks a little like water – in layman’s terms) toss in your onion and mushrooms.  You’ll be stirring these around the pan for about 5 minutes.

Next up toss in your zucchini and bell pepper.  Continue to stir all these veggies around for a good two to three minutes.  Then remove all your veggies from your pan.

Add in another 1-2 tablespoons of EVOO to the pan and toss in your shrimp.  Go ahead and put in a couple teaspoons of Old Bay.  Shrimp cook quickly so keep an eye on them as you toss them about in the pan.  My shrimp were pink within about three minutes.  Toss your veggies back in and ever so lightly salt them.  Put double the amount of pepper in that you did of salt.  Toss about.

Now plate it and eat.

It’s good.



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