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Oh Yeah It’s That Friday!

So this just happened….


Fourth grade ended today.  My girl worked hard this year and participated in several clubs.  We are super proud of her hard work and love for education.  I’m shocked she actually came home after Awards Day other than staying until the last bell rings!

Here’s to summer.

Exciting news….we have a gap sitter for this summer!  All the stars aligned and this week obviously!


Fun times at work this week.  I make friends with all my clients and their pets.  It was really hard to not jet set with these sweeties in the car.  Especially that little black one.  They were ready to ride with me and they stayed in my car for twenty minutes while I wrapped some stuff up.


How many kids can you fit in an old ratty Honda Civic?  Four.  Oh my goodness I had the pleasure of having my spare daughter and her sister hang out with us after school on Tuesday.  We loaded down the coupe and headed to Sheetz for slushies.  I have a feeling this may be common practice over the summer break!


The dessert of the summer of 2018 is my banana pudding.  Every time I make one it does good to last about five hours in this house.  After my husband devoured the first one the kids staked a claim on the second.  Here they are enjoying every last bite.

We have sunshine and fun times ahead.  My last x-ray is today on my arm.  I think Chick-Fil-A is calling for lunch.  After that?  Just chillin’.  Vacation is on the horizon and I am ready!

This week’s posts included:

Injuries & Summer Goodness


Things will be mum here for a while as I go off the grid.  Awe who’s kidding?  Not going off the grid but I will only be Instagramming, Tweeting, and Facebooking for a while.  Catch me there!

I wish you all a super safe and happy weekend from the Bullpen.



5 thoughts on “Oh Yeah It’s That Friday!”

  1. There’s that naner pud! I would stick my head in the dish and lick, lol!! Soooo proud of Cammy B, look at all those awards!! Hope x-ray went well, loves ya!

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