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Today’s keywords are:  Traveling, Playing, Exploring, and Grilling.  Here we go!

I am so excited, guys!  This week may be a busy one for work but at the tail end of it this girl will be traveling to the southeastern corner of this fabulous state for a much needed beach vacation!  That means that in between the working hours, mama hours, get this place of my own in order hours I have to pack, drop the dog off at his grandma’s, and get all the frayed ends snipped so that after vacation I do not feel like a huge discombobulated mess!  Does anyone else feel me or am I alone in this boat?

At first we weren’t sure we would even trek to the coast this year.  We had purchased the season passes for all that Dolly offers up in Pigeon Forge and thought well we can weekend there.  Then my mama called and said she was renting a beach house from a friend of her’s and so…

Eu #Amo minha #Mãe. #Maternidade

I really like to go to the beach with my mom and here is why:  Instead of my kids having two parents they have four!  Yes, they are getting older and can totally entertain themselves but when it comes to playing up and down the seashore i’ts nice to have adults to take a turn with them!  Mama burn out can hit fast, y’all!  But really?  I love to play on vacation with my kids. Yes, I swim in the ocean and my kids do too (ain’t skeered, right?), we ride bikes, we walk the beach, we dig in the sand and build things that look nothing like a castle and we explore!

NC aquarium ft fisher

I’m looking forward to taking the kiddos back to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher.  My daughter last went about seven years ago and my son?  Yeah he hasn’t ever been.  When we go on vacation it is totally typical of us to  explore and sometimes get lost.  We will see a road and say “hey I wonder where that will go?” And then we are off to see what we can see and find what we can find.  I did this in Mexico last year and well that exploration brought on a whole new thrill ride.  North Carolina is way safer <wink>.


I have to go here now  Southport, NC

I’m also so excited to plant myself in my beloved Southport at some point during our vacation.  This is the best little town in North Carolina hands down.  I seriously fantasize about moving there more often than I fantasize about anything else.  And that just got weird.  I plan to plant my a$$ in the sand and read and rest and drink.

Let’s take a break from the travel talk and go totally left field…(because this is Amanda typing.)

Last weekend I wanted to make salmon burgers but I didn’t want to set up my teeny tiny camp grill.  So guess what I used?  Guesses, anyone?  OK fine I will just tell you.  My waffle maker!  Sunday night I was grilling salmon burgers on my waffle maker!  That thing is the best waffle maker and now little grill ever.  We can ignore the fact they looked like little waffles.

That led me to this

Wow. Call me impressed. Apparently, waffle irons were not created for making just waffles at all. You can use your waffle iron to make some the most interesting and deliciously easy recipes ever. Spaghetti on a waffle bun? You bet. From french fries and mashed potatoes to cookies and yummy dessert m

On that note I will say…see ya later!


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  1. Yessss, planting myself at the beach with a book is exactly the kind of planting I want to be doing. And totally agreed – going on vacation with the grandparents is the best for taking turns so you actually CAN read 🙂

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