Injuries & Summer Goodness

This is my time of year.

This is the time of year that I really, truly thrive.  I live for heat, humidity, sweating, sunshine…all of it and then some.  When people complain about sweltering weather I’m laughing and loving!

Y’all it’s OK – we are all made differently and that is what makes the big ole world spin around!  You like sweaters and I like sweat.  You like leggings and I like shorts.  We are quite the pair us polar opposites (tropic opposite sounds better!)

One reason this is my time of year is the ample opportunity to embrace living a better life.  You can take way better care of yourself when the weather is warm because it affords you the opportunity to eat farm fresh vegetables and fruits at a fraction of the cost it does in say…December.

The other reason?  You have daylight on your side!  The days are long and generally they are pretty fabulous.  Being outdoors is my heroine.  I am a junkie from hell when it comes to being in the yard (holla fellow mower mania girls), on some body of water (coming to see you soon ocean o’mine!), walking a trail, casting a line, pedaling a bike – oh gosh just typing this excites me to no end.

This summer though – your homegirl is starting off a little bumpy.  There are three things that seriously are sucking in my life right now and they are all injuries.

Image result for plantar fasciitis

  1.  Plantar Fasciitis.  To clear the air – I do not have warts.  PF is this glorious hell where the area between my heel and the ball of my right foot is so inflamed and jacked up that for about the first hour of every morning and any time I have to be seated for more than ten minutes I cannot walk.  Literally – I cannot walk.  I have to do all these stretches and massage the area and then I can barely walk.  It sucks.  There is no gentle way to put it other than super suckage.

BGRunnersKneeLedeLast week I decided to get back into running.  I went to the track and started off with a nice jog and then commenced into a run.  Building yourself back up is not fun and since I was on a slight you cannot do anything for a while thanks to a wreck I’m having to do a lot of rebuilding.  (P.S. I am not a fan of any type of rebuild.)  I decided on one mile to be the goal.  I did one mile.  Then I jumped in the thing I am driving and went to my next stop where I could not get out of the car.  Why?  My foot was pissed at me but my left knee – yeah it decided to stay at the track.  I have dealt with knee issues on and off for five years but generally they were with my right knee.  Oh Lord bless it all – my left knee has decided it hates me.  I was hobbling so bad that night that my husband offered to drive me across our YARD.  Verdict?  Two pulled muscles.  However, a couple days later?  The thing was so stiff that I probably need to think about seeing a professional.

That wreck I mentioned?  Yeah it really set me back.  It set me back on the scale and on my work outs.  I would be remiss to fail to mention that this experience has left me understanding that maybe I’m not 26 and really am what my driver’s license says. This is a great article about returning to your workout after injury or illness! 

I can let all this crumble me up or I can grab the bull by the horns.  I know my limitations.  I realize running is out thanks to the foot and the stupid knee.  But I also know that there is more to exercise than running.  I look forward to getting back to Metabolic Exercises with Sherrie P.  I also look forward to jumping on the elliptical the next time I’m in the gym.  Yoga is calling me to stretch out the old and reshape it into something new.

But more than that?  The season is calling me to stretch the foot, bend the knee, and be in movement in the blooming, blossoming, blood sucking mosquito world that is my neck of the woods.


Check this out!  Prompts from TBB from Andrea to me and now to you!  I love these because they help us get to know people so much better than we think we do.

Perfect timing for these questions!

  1.  Walk or bike?  BOTH!  My husband is fixing my beach cruiser right now!
  2. Picnic food?  Chicken salad!
  3. Pool or lake?  Outdoor pool only and lake any day!
  4. Flavor of ice cream? McDonald’s Soft Serve Vanilla
  5. Ice cream cone or dish?  McDonald’s Soft Serve Vanilla in a cone.
  6. Flip flops or slides?  I said a flip flop a flippy flippy flop you don’t stop.
  7. Jean shorts or Jean capris?  Both
  8. Favorite summer fruit?  Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloup, tomatoes, peaches, plums (only sour ones), nectarines, blackberries.
  9. Corn on the cob or cut off the cob?  On the cob.
  10. Favorite Summer Song?  I’m from NC so I prefer beach music/shagging music (that’s a dance not a thing two consensual adults do together.  OK wait yes two adults do shag together and it’s consensual but they aren’t running the risk of making babies unless they get turned on by dancing.  I should stop here.)
  11. Favorite Summertime Activity?  I don’t have one I dislike.
  12. Favorite berry?  I answered this already.
  13. Bikinis, tankinis, one piece?  All of the above.  I just really get annoyed by tankinis.
  14. Dresses or skirts?  I think a skirt is a failure of a dress.  I say dress.
  15. One word to describe summer?  Perfect.

XO Y’all!



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7 thoughts on “Injuries & Summer Goodness”

  1. Perfect indeed!! Like you my sweets! loved this and love that you are a summer girl through and through! AND that you take the bull by the horns and let nothing, even accidents and pesky foot troubles, get your moving bod down!! I dub you the Summer Queen of NC!!!


    1. I can tell you it will go away and then pop back up. It hasn’t been this bad in about four years. Good insoles are fabulous, I have one pair that I love but I switch them out so now I’m having an issue remembering to put them in UGHHH!


  2. When i hurt bad after getting back to running I went to the fancy athlete store and got fitted for new shoes and my life changed, maybe try that? Sorry friend PF is the worst. I love your love of summer and your shagging comments made me LOL. have a fantastic hot and humid day!


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