Standardized What?

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Happy Friday!  Today marks the end of a testing season and start of a fun season.  Bring it on.

I am a mom of a ten year old who has to take standardized tests each year.  The tests are used to measure her cognitive growth and to measure how well of an educator her teacher is.

I laugh.

Look, I’m going to be dirty honest with you.  My firstborn – she’s the bomb dot com when it comes to being a teacher’s dream.  The kid LOVES to learn, LOVES to read, wants to spend her weekends learning and sleeping, she’s all about school, and I bet you a Benjamin – next Friday when she walks away for the summer she will have tears in her eyes.

The kid did not get it that from her daddy or her mom.  We were the type to run like screaming banshees away from school when the last bell rang (that is if we didn’t skip…)

All year teachers have to spend inhumane amounts of time teaching to a test.  It’s sickening.  I miss school in the nineties.  I miss having teachers who disregarded our yearly mandated standardized exam and instead were able to teach us – really teach us – good stuff.  We read good books, we participated in great experiments, and we played outside every day it did not rain.

The cafeteria food was homemade then too.  Raise up if you remember the TURKEY RIDER!

Today teachers are faced with teaching kids the information they need to complete a test.  A test mandated by people who have never worked with kids.  A test that puts all kinds in one box.  Sometimes the idea of one size fits all is nothing but a major joke and a showing of how out of touch people in the power seat are.

In case you aren’t aware I’m on my soap box and kicking the skeletal remains of a horse.

To celebrate the testing season’s end my kids are going to a tried and true luau party where they will swim, play games that don’t involve screens, eat pizza, giggle, make a simple craft.

They will be kids.  And for a hot second they will be 90’s kids.  No tablets, computers, Netflix, fast forwarding through commercials.

Yeah…90’s kids.


90s Slang.... If I were to talk like this now people would look at me funny #lol #true #story


And while the babes are at play the adults will have “free time.”

I pose this question to you:  What do you do when you have kid free time?

25 Memes Only Awkward Humans Will Laugh At

In days past this meant going out on a little date.  Our dates are nothing less of simple.  We have dinner and then we meander the aisles of…wait for it….Lowe’s Home Improvement.  I’m there for the plants and the mister is there for anything else.

We really know how to party.

This summer is new for us.  This date night will be new for us too.

Instead of getting gussied up for a dinner out and wandering aimlessly through the garden department we will eat something on the cheap and come home to set up for a yard sale.

We have become “parents of a certain age” – I love to get pretty for a nice dinner.  But I also like take out and t-shirts.  Instead of pondering the purchase of a new cactus (my current love) I will be carting tables to my front lawn.

Wild and crazy couple are we!


HELLO JUN | Hello June Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr ...

And we sit upon the start of a new month! June will be packed full of goodness and gracious.

The goodness is vacation.  The countdown is under 10 days.  I can feel the ocean breeze and smell it too.  Oh wait, that’s the sunscreen I am using as perfume.

After the vacation the gracious begins.  As in “Gracious me I’m tired.” Work will pick up to summer pace.  I change my schedule so that I am not working to pay childcare and enjoy my life.



I skipped out doing a proper intro for this space.  I mean if you look at the mismatched blog name and blog address you know what’s going on here.  They will all match up soon (I am told.)  I was also told soon is September.  Those dudes know how fast the calendar moves.  They must have a couple kids and a mortgage.

CCK burned me out – I had tons of issues with the blog and publishing errors.  Naturally, I took it as a sign to go ahead and do what I want – get out of the rut.  This space will have the humor and still have bits and pieces of the old stuff (healthy girl hasn’t left the building  but she is under non-invasive construction).  The thing is this: I do a lot of things other than work out 24/7 (that hasn’t happened in over a month by the way) and I figured it was time for all of the related topics to have a better space to deliver to you. There’s more to me than low carb recipes and month long seshes on the importance of yoga and meditation.

I guess you are going to see me in a different light.  Maybe more of the mama or more of the I-don’t-give-a-damn persona that other people think they know all too well.  There are things I do that I feel confident writing about but I haven’t gave them the space.  Maybe it’s because I put myself as a blog girl in a box and tried to standardize myself to it.  (BOO YOW I just brought this full circle.)

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Let it be known I would be remiss to not point out that part of this change came from some of my Instagram Story viewers.  God love them!  They crack me up!  And the other is that I’m entering a new phase in life – the best phase maybe?  We shall dive into the kiddie pool on that in posts to come.  It will be fun…we will drink vodka and wear Dollar Tree sunglasses!

Oh well…I look forward to popping on here and sharing something off the wall, off the chain, or off the grid with you.

Have a great weekend.


PS I do give a damn.

PPS I still have recipes to share.

PPPS Be sure to find me on IG: MrsAmandaBullard (better Laura?)

8 thoughts on “Standardized What?”

  1. YAASSS!! MUCH better!!! I loved this post! So funny and I loved the throw back to the 90’s and you know I’m all about vodka and cheap sunglasses!! Your future’s so bright… wait for it… you gotta wear shades!! Lol! Have a fun weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I will rant on with you about those standardized tests. I was a teacher many moons ago before I went to law school and I tried to give my kids a 90’s education and got scolded by the administration. But guess what my science experiments garnered? 20% higher test scores in science from my students! Because they are interested and are therefore more interested in learning! Ugh. Anywho, we have a weird and lucky (?) schedule of half the week with kids and half the week without. We act like teenagers on the half without. Probably because they aren’t my kids and did not enter my life until age 5 and 7, hee hee! Hope your weekend is glorious, just glorious!


    1. If you know how to teach they don’t want you around….that’s all I’m saying! My husband is eternally 15 in his head and most days I’m still 22 watching The Hills in my mind rolling my eyes and sipping big girl drinks. SO yeah…we could chill. LOL! XOXOXO


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