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2/7: Currently

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Anne emails us the words and we fill in the sentences.


The Woman in the Window – it was a slow mover for me thus far so my goal is to finish it up.  I wish I could say I was finishing up with winter but…


To saying no more often to pointless cravings and “cheat days.”  Cheating isn’t cool in anything so why do we think it is OK for our food choices? If I eat a bad food choice I’ll just say, “I’m human I screwed up!”  And refuse to label it a cheat.


All the things I want to do this coming spring and summer!  February is a prep month, March is a get your toes wet month, and April kicks off the fun stuff!  I am researching hiking spots for the family, gardens to visit, wineries to spend child-free weekend days at, and more.  I am so excited (there’s that word again!) for 2018.


The weather forecast, religiously, for those warm temperatures to start moving in.  So far not happening.  This is odd because I am used to a surprise seventy-five degree day here and there in my part of North Carolina in January and February.  So far we have zero of those on record for 2018.


The joy of having a pretty basic and vanilla existence.  Some people live for full schedules and lots of grandeur.  The older I get the more I respect basic and simple happiness.



19 thoughts on “2/7: Currently”

  1. Let me tell ya, Mr. Nine and I love the Simple Life, we stay in all the time with an occasional date day and only have 2 little short get aways in the books. I’m so ok with that, I don’t miss Go, Go, Go! We woke up to 6 inches of snow today. You’re going to have a great year and tell me when you want company. xo

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  2. I totally agree! The older I get, the less drama I need! I’ve been considering that book, and it’s gotten great reviews, but so many people have said it was just meh?! Should I read it or not?

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  3. I feel you – I am totally finished with winter, but it’s not finished with me… And yes, basic and vanilla existence is pretty much life goals here. Love the simple and quiet life. And the way you phrased that cracked me up. Thanks for joining in!

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  4. I am so with you in what you’re hearting! I don’t think a busier life makes it any more important. I prefer enjoying a simple life rather than an over scheduled one. I love what you’re wish listing for the warmer seasons to come! Things like that sure do help get us through these long cold winter days! Happy planning! Have a wonderful weekend ahead! – Brenda //


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