vie joyeus

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Today I’m spinning this a little bit.

vie excitée

You remember my word for 2018?  EXCITED!

Well friends today I want to share the things bringing me excitement.  Maybe we will see a correlation between joy and excitement.  I think we will.

17 days until I am in Florida.  This makes me so happy and so full of excitement.  I have been trying to figure a route that does NOT include going through Atlanta.

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Rand McNally maps have me smiling.  Does anyone else remember growing up with an atlas in the car?  My parents did not have one but my grandparents all did!  I remember opening it up and looking at all the red and blue “veins” and mapping out trips I “would take when I was grown up.”  Sure we can rely on our phones but for this next excursion I want to go old school.  I ordered my map today!

52 which is the number of today’s Super Bowl!  I am so excited!  I’m ready to eat and drink and scream.

Summer notes are all over the place around here.  I have the information for my oldest’s summer camp in hand.  Her teacher sent out the dates of importance that go to the end of the school year.  The spring clothing exchange information is sitting in my inbox.  Though I’m a summer girl my heart is a little sad because little man will be prepping for kindergarten this summer!  Eeeek!

February used to be just another month I did not like (January’s twin).  However, now I’m OK with it because it is three days shorter than the two it’s crunched between.  Also, it’s the last month of “winter” because March brings SPRING (even though it sometimes brings snow) guaranteed every year.


Now some joy nuggets:

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*The gym and the older population who fill it in the morning.  Nothing makes me smile more than a few older me in jeans and t-shirts and baseball capsor they wear their Sunday gear.  They go around to the stationary machines and do 3-5 reps and then talk for 20 minutes and leave.

*Flex scheduling with work.  This week just happened to fall to where I had three days off.  It was nice.  I do hate falling out of routine and I was ready to get back to work by Thursday (maybe Wednesday!) but it was great.

*My daughter hit a growing up milestone this week.  Since that occurrence she’s been nicer to me.  That means a lot because preteen and teen girls are no freaking joke.

*Reminders that we aren’t ten feet tall and bullet proof – humility – and thankfulness have made my life a lot better this week.  I hope I can continue to be humbled by being aware of the circumstances of those around me.

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*Gronk is cleared to play.   Hell yes.


Be joyful and excited guys!  Have fun if you’re celebrating football with me!  Be safe!


2 thoughts on “vie joyeus”

  1. Flex scheduling is so nice. We have been getting notes sent home from school with spring reminders and it makes me so excited! Also, our school’s spring sports start at the end of this month so I am kind of digging February too! 🙂

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