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Friday 5/2018


Last weekend…


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I had my two daughters.  Cammy B had her bestie over for a sleepover.  We had a girl’s night complete with dinner, arcade games, and a mall run to get Starbucks.
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That’s mine – the tall one.  We had basketball photos on Saturday morning and then the game.  Since the sleepover was the night before home girl was off her game and obviously tired.  She couldn’t focus but that happens.  Next week it is on.

Not pictured is how I totally opened up my living room on Saturday afternoon.  I was over it so I did some major changes with the furniture (oh and sold some furniture woo hoo.)  If I had a cool camera that could show it off I would do that.  But I don’t so later I will do a home post.

I think I should tell you I was lazy on Saturday night.  I laid on the couch, did some research, watched some mindless television, petted my dog, yeah it was a great night.

Speaking of the little man – here’s Brady after his visit to the spa on Friday.  Home boy was so relaxed it wasn’t even funny!

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It rained, it poured.  We went to church and made a Target run.  I had an unfortunate Walmart run.  No discussing that, y’all.  I just cannot.

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Sunday night I made Buttermilk Chicken (oh Savannah, I hear you calling) which we devoured!

So I should go ahead and let you know I scheduled only one day of work for this week because that’s just how the cookies crumbled.  This week was the exception to the rule for the majority of my life!  It was nice!

This week – back to the gym!  It was so nice to walk in and see a familiar face who said, “Where the hell have you been?”  We both joked about the resolutioners and then I got in a good, intense, holy-God-I-am-so-out-of-effing-shape work out.  I also got back to my proper eating habits on Monday.  It was good.  It was very good.  I am happy to share that after three days of increasing intensity (because nothing good ever happened from moderation, obviously?) I’m feeling so much better.

Blog posts this week:  vie joyeus   Healthy Girl: Don’t Get Me Sick!   What’s Up (January ’18)

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Not going to lie to y’all.  I am so excited about this weekend.  Number one:  I think my husband is off work.  Number two:  basketball is NOT in the middle of the day.  Number three:  SUPER BOWL!  I get so dang excited about the Super Bowl (but only because my PATS are playing!)  The evil weather man is mentioning winter weather will be back this weekend and next week so I’m thinking we shouldn’t have people over (safety first.) However, I really want some friends over!!!  Oh well I will get over it and watch the game alone because my husband does not watch football.  (I wear the pads in this family.  Oh crap I just realized that sounds kind of possible.)  

Now let’s get serious for a moment.

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For the past 30 days or so I have been in passionate prayer for the health of a baby in our community.  Her name is Stella.  Her mom was a classmate of my husband’s.  Stella is a year old and after Christmas she started having some major health concerns which landed her in the fabulous Brenner’s Children’s Hospital (so blessed to have this hospital just moments away from us.) For a month the doctors were searching for a diagnosis for this little princess.  The news came yesterday.  It was not what any of us wanted to read.   All I ask is that you take a moment to be grateful for the healthy children you work with, live with, and love.  If you pray then pray for Stella.  If you honor people with silence give her sixty seconds of your time.  But remember the parents who have babies and hopes and dreams and plans for those babies but who end up having to push them to the side and focus on comforting and realizing the importance of a nanosecond with a child who they will have to turn over too soon.  I will not be able to put the thought of Mindy and her husband to the back of my brain.  If anything I will strive to be a more intentional and thankful mama in this time of realization.  No day, no night, no easy path is promised.  Be thankful.

I hate to end this post on such a meaty topic but sometimes that’s what happens. Sometimes that is how the “cookie crumbles” – we’re in the month of love – let’s act upon it.


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14 thoughts on “Friday 5/2018”

  1. I will pray for Stella!!! Hope Cammy B sinks plenty this weekend! I like how your cookie crumbles and that you do what makes you happy!! Looking fierce at the gym and I am over the football excited for your boys!!! Go Pats!! Wear those pads strong girlfriend!!! xoxoxo

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  2. Oh man. So sorry for that family. Every time I struggle with the fact that I won’t have children, things like this remind me that there are much worse predicaments. I cannot imagine. I refuse to end that way so I will say have a great weekend and hope your super bowl is wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My mama heart is in tears here after reading that story! I will be praying for Stella and her parents as soon as I send this comment your way. You are absolutely right, none of us is promised tomorrow. The thought of that makes me appreciate today, and those dearest to me, and makes my heart all the more grateful to God that those who place their trust in Him can rest assured that we’ll spend the eternity to come in a far better place, untarnished by sin and illness. *Hugs to you* I hope this weekend is just as wonderful for you and your family as last weekend was (minus the Walmart incident, of course ;)). Will pray for Stella, and her family now, and for you too, as this is heavy on your heart. xo – Brenda //

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