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Healthy Girl: Super Bowl

Before I start sharing some super food for the super game I thought it would be nice to share the experience of watching football with Amanda.

The first half means nothing to me. Truly, it doesn’t.  If I pay too much attention in the first half then I’ll be a ball of nerves (probably the Eagles are good) and up to no good by half time and into the second half.

I spend the first half eating, gabbing, laughing, and drinking.

I don’t care about a half time show.  Really I could care less about the half time show because they SUCK!  These entertainers give you a fifteen minute blast of “entertainment” that I think is always crap.  Too much pyrotechnics, too many people on the field, too much lip singing.  I love you JT but I could care less home skillet.

I will watch the commercials.  I think they should just show 15 minutes of straight commercials instead of having a half time show.

The second half is where it’s at.  This should NOT be news.  The winner wins the bounty in the second half.  This is when I get riled up.  During the regular season I rarely get riled.  I actually watched the Pats versus the Pathetic Kitties on October 1st at a friend’s house with a new friend who is a die hard kitty fan.  She was yelling, in the floor, talking shit to me and I was calm as a cucumber.  I think she wanted me to be more in her face but that’s not how I role in the regular season.  During the playoffs I get feisty.  I yell and scream and coach from my living room.  (I really need a head set.) But during the Super Bowl I go a tad bit off the deep end with screaming, yelling, praying, blood pressure medication.

Last year when the Falcons were giving my Pats hell I just meandered to the kitchen.  I sat down with a glass of bourbon and watched a guest do her homework.  My husband likes to call this pouting.  I call this a temporary time out.  I don’t want to be mean and I don’t want to jinx my team.  So I give myself a time out with Jim Beam.  It calms me down and prepares my throat for the hell raising of hollering I am about to commence upon.

I may be 5’4 (on a good day) and 138 pounds but I can pack a mean fan punch when I need to!


Let’s eat!

At this point I haven’t decided if I am having folks over for the game or not.  Are you having a party?

If you don’t want to wreck your 2018 resolution or challenge over the big game check out these recipes.

This Weight Watchers Taco Casserole Recipe is a variation of my favorite Weight Watchers Taco Casserole (made with chicken). I'd love it if you tried them both and told me which one was your favorite! I like making casseroles all the time, but especially for events like the Super Bowl, or really any holiday. It's super easy to throw a casserole in the oven and then bring it to a friend's house. I'm all about impressing people with my mad cooking skillz though, so if I bring a ...

This is dubbed a Weight Watchers casserole from Slap Dash Mom – I think it would be great for the big game.  Tacos are fun food and put it in a casserole and watch it go a little further than a kit from the store!


Here’s something a little different – BLT Dip from Emily Bites.  This is low carb friendly so that makes me go – holla!

The Air Fried Buffalo style skinny chicken wings recipe is only 6 smart points per 4 oz serving, which is about 5 chicken wings when done in the air fryer.

I haven’t bought an air fryer but I have some friends who swear by them!  Wings are the backbone of football viewing.  Why not make your own?  These are Weight Watchers smart so that means most other diets will find these acceptable.  Visit Just Plum Crazy for this recipe!

Low carb and keto friendly! These buffalo meatballs are perfect for snacking on! #AtkinsDiet

Following up with the wings – buffalo chicken meatballs.  I believe this is what my friend Rachel was making a week or so ago at her house.  They look awesome and this could very well be what I make to go along with veggies, hummus, and I may break a few rules and have chips! (These meatballs are gluten free for those with Celiac.)

This Cookies and Cream Cheese Ball is fun and delicious! Shape like a football for your next game day party!

This is NOT healthy girl approved.  However, I had to slide this on here because my husband is trying his damndest to be a diabetic.  He would probably eat the whole thing in one sitting! Go visit Shugary Sweets for this recipe.

Go Patriots

Let’s go PATS!  See ya later.



6 thoughts on “Healthy Girl: Super Bowl”

  1. We have similar football watching habits and reactions. I am known to make a fool of myself during an LSU or Saints game. The only time I cheer for the Patriots is when they play Atlanta, so last year was it. Actually not really caring this year since it is mardi gras and I will be at a parade most probably so go whoever! Um I need the buffalo chicken meatballs in my life, as soon as possible.

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