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Healthy Girl: Don’t Get Me Sick!


No, this isn’t a post about proper hand washing.  But if you need that we can do that later.

Today I’m writing about the issue at hand called Influenza and the other issue at hand called winter.  The only time I am not happy is when I am sick.  Anyone else feel that way?  That’s what I thought.

The flu has reached epidemic levels and that is not good, not good one bit.  I’m not here to condone or disparage the flu shot (it’s not a vaccine, I can tell you that) I am here to let you know the flu shot won’t keep you from getting the flu and sometimes we need to practice more common sense than get a shot for an RNA replicating virus.

And in this case the bigger things are actually small things that really add up!

Wash your hands


Wash the stuff you touch

There is a reason Walmart, Target, and the grocery stores offer “cart wipes” – for you to use!  If twenty random people pushed that cart before you then you are getting the germs from them.  Right now it’s safe to say a couple of those people have been around flu, strep, stomach virus ridden folks.  I can just see them loading that cart with Sprite, Ginger Ale, saltines, oh man can we just have UPS bring our groceries?

Buy the antibacterial wipes

Just like the store wants you to feel free to wipe down that cart – I want you to feel free to wipe down every door knob, light switch, cell phone, non porous surface (and heck even the porous ones) with these bad boys.  I am not a snob towards Clorox, I love it.  I also love some Lysol.  Go for it.

Speaking of that

Oh how I hate to hear, “Oh we don’t like the use of Clorox.” I am not hanging with you if you are anti chlorine.  Here’s why:  Natural cleaners are such a sweet idea but if the flu, stomach virus, strep throat, etc enter your home you want the big boys to come in and kill the bacteria and viruses.  You don’t have to shoot the crap in your veins but you do need to dilute it in some water, buy the pre-made sprays, buy the wipes and clean with it.  If you want to then use some vinegar based cleaners too – that should make you feel better if you think you’re going to buy the barn because you used some Clorox to clean the toilet.

Hello washing machine

You may feel like a machine that does nothing but wash everything during the winter and early spring.  I do.  I wash the dishes, the little person, the dog, the surfaces of our home.  But my washing machine – God bless it – it pulls a lot of OT during this time of year.  Bedding – once a week (not the comforter); everything we wear (generally I’m lax on this but I become OCD in the “germ” months); book bags and gym bags – Saturdays; lunchboxes – Saturdays; comfy cozy blankets around the living room – every two weeks; coats – once a week.

Here’s the deal:  People come to work sick (idiots!)  People send their sick kids to school (stupid!) So I don’t want to gamble and I want to use my Tide Pods not to stuff in my mouth like a lunatic but to clean my clothes on the warm setting and then I want the Bounty sheets to incinerate the remaining germs. (Bounty sheets will not kill germs.)

Ingest the best

As in probiotics, immune boosters, water,  and food.

I started probiotics two months ago and have noticed a total body better feeling.  Blog about it later.  Immune boosters – I take zinc.  One pill of pure zinc a day.  Zinc fuels your immune system!

Water, I know how you feel about it, well some of you.  Here’s the deal the components of water are essential for um life.  It’s essential to be healthy to have a good life.  Healthy girl, happy girl.  Get the connection?  Work your way to 64+ ounces a day.  If it’s difficult start with trying to get 48 a day.  I suggest Life Water to get you anti water lovers on the water train.  Why?  It has some electrolytes and it is smooth and easy to down!  Not all bottled waters are created equal some are loaded with sodium (stay away!) some are just straight up tap water!

Remember food is fuel.  Your body runs off GOOD stuff, REAL stuff, not processed crap with loads of salt and sugar.  May I suggest making a menu that is rich in vegetables?  When I think of vegetables I think of: You, you got what I neeeeeeed…..And the best part is they are MY FRIENDS.

Sugar is the culprit of so much disease and health issues.  You can join me this week as I bid adieu to carbs and sugar (with the exception of one carb a day and a little wine here and there!)  Consider this your invitation.  Anyway back to the topic at hand.  Don’t fuel the bad guys with what they love – watch your sugar intake with an eagle eye.  This is actually a good idea considering spring will be coming soon and that means no more hiding behind oversized sweaters and leggings!  Decreasing your sugar intake will help you look and FEEL better come April!

Keep the kids away

Yeah not from yourself.  I mean if you have kids it would be a bad idea to say they couldn’t live with you during the flu season!  If your little germ mongers get sick keep them away from school!  They need to miss their extracurricular activities too.  Getting healthy should always be the first priority.  I do not take my kids with me to the gym during flu season either.  Why?  Because die hard work out parents don’t think twice about dropping kids off in the care area when their kids are ill.  There is no use in spreading the viruses and bacterial infections.  Be smart!

Now do you want a recipe?


This is actually a recipe I posted a while back. I call this a detox soup but really it’s just a rich in nutrient vegetable soup to keep you feeling top notch!

Good For You Soup!

I believe it would fit the fad diets out there if you’re following one of those currently!  It’s January no shame in the game, friends!

Let’s Get Physical

I’m not going to bark.  10,000 steps a day, minimum.  Do it.  Activity levels correlate with staying healthy.  I know your minds are blown, right? HA!


Today I am linking over at The Blended Blog & Tuesday Talk



4 thoughts on “Healthy Girl: Don’t Get Me Sick!”

  1. I wash my hands all the time working at the hospital especially. We are full to capacity everyday and have flu visitor restrictions. It is so bad this year. GREAT tips..and your egg casserole is one of the features on TBB today!

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