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Friday 4/2018

Look at us.  We are sitting on the edge of another fabulous weekend to celebrate!

Last weekend looked like this:

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How he feels about Saturday at the basketball court. #footballboy

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My girl scored THREE baskets in her basketball game!  I was so proud of her but way too into watching the game to take any photos.  I love that she is getting more confident.  Now if she will just get those ARMS UP!

Sunday I nearly had a heart attack but luckily the PATS came through and are Super Bowl bound again!  Now I think I need to have some people over to watch me go crazy again!

Even if the Pats had lost I had a lot of happy in my heart.  Why?  Because my husband booked us a weekend in Pensacola Beach to celebrate our anniversary.  The countdown is on!!!  Less than 25 days to go!

Pensacola Beach ... paradise.

So what about the work week?

After the snow it was pedal to the metal to get working!  I didn’t mind one bit and was happy to be back in the thick of it.  I really do love my clients!  Work was good for the week.

Some highlights:

70 degree days are my friend – I was able to scratch off “clean out dead flowers” from my to-do list after work!  I also started plotting what all I want to do flower-wise this spring.  Oh spring I cannot wait for you!


I realized most days I probably drink too much coffee – as in an average of 40 ounces a day which is nothing to many people but I think it may be a tad bit excessive.  I guess it’s better than a 40 of Mad Dawg. HA!

After work I relaxed in the sunshine with a cappucino – Sheetz is pretty good!

And after two days and a friend of mine saying she would probably read that I had killed my husband over the dishwasher wait – I now have a new and working dishwasher!  YAY!

Image-1 (3)

It’s totally depressing a dishwasher made this post!

This week’s blog posts:

vie joyeus

HGHG: Kitchen Staples + Not So Low Country Shrimp & Grits Recipe

Now let’s go have a good weekend!


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18 thoughts on “Friday 4/2018”

  1. Giving the dishwasher some love…perfect…like you…look at that sun streaming on your pretty face!! I wanna come go for a walk with you. YES…sunshine state trip on the books..woohoo! My goodness, Mr. Harper B looks like his precious mama! soooo CUTE! Send me some warmth and go slay this fine weekend…tell my niece way to sink em’!!!! xo

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    1. Girl after 7 days without a dishwasher I was more than happy to have one back!!! I didn’t go for any walks but I did get my flowers cleaned out – woo hoo! Now I have planting fever but it’s 23 right now so um yeah. To say I am excited to be going back to FL would be the understatement of the year! Thank you – no one ever says he looks like me and he does darn it! Sending all the warmth I can – I hope she gets more baskets tomorrow. LOVE YA!


  2. Sounds like a great week! I’m already planning out what I’m going to plant in my spring garden too! And having a beach trip on the calendar is such a nice thing to look forward to! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That trip sounds like so much fun for your Anniversary! How special and fun. 70 degrees and sunshine!!! OH my goodness. That would feel like heaven. I cannot wait to open my windows and clean on a Saturday. I love that your daughter is enjoying basketball…Maddi has to get her hands up too! 🙂 I Hope you have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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