vie joyeus

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Hello Sunday.

This is my third week of my joy posts.  I look forward to putting my joy from the week into a post just devoted to acknowledging what is good.

Making Sunday Lunch We haven’t been regulars at church in a while.  When it’s freezing I am content with catching Charles Stanley at 11am on our CBS affiliate and then having a little lesson with the kiddos later in the day.  This past Sunday I decided it was high time I made a good ole country lunch for the family.  I find joy in cooking (not baking.)  I made meat loaf (my husband’s favorite food), mashed potatoes (my kids’ favorite), and green beans (we all love some green beans!)  Then we had brownies for dessert.  It was nice to be all together, eating, talking, ya know rolling old school.  We never get this anymore.

The Jags beat the Steelers As a Pats fan I despise the Steelers.  I hate it when they match up because I know it will be a good game!!! But I hate nail biters.  I watched the Jaguars play the Steelers and my mouth fell to the floor – I never would have imagined Jacksonville to win.  It made me so happy because I’m totally anti Steelers.  But it also made me happy because the Jags?!?!  Really!  Way to go, guys!

Date day with the kids My babies and I spent the MLK Jr holiday having fun.  We loaded up and went to the movies, had lunch, and made a Petsmart run (for nothing but to look at the cats, lizards, and fish!) My kids fight all the time but for four hours on a Monday they got along very well.  Oh that joy cannot be matched.

A day of non-rushed work It has taken some time but I now schedule my work correctly. HA!  That means I don’t fill my plate too high with too much.  Tuesday an old client was on my agenda.  I made sure to only schedule that client and no others for the afternoon.  I was so glad I did because they needed my attention to a few many areas of the home.  When I locked up I felt so good about what they would be walking into.  Of course I never heard from them so again my work goes unappreciated but I appreciated what I did and would love to enter my home after a day of work to find it in that condition!

Heat Old news I know but the snow came and the snow came and the snow came.  I hate winter.  The fact I have a home with heat brought me and still brings me total joy.  At one point I was wearing shorts inside.

Kids on sleds I took the kids sledding on our big hill in the back.  I hate winter.  Did I say that already?  Well I do.  I hate snow.  I hate cold.  But my kids all bundled up giggling their tails off sledding down a hill at night brings me joy.  They had so much fun sliding that iced over track in the dark!  Then they enjoyed riding the four wheeler in a circle for twenty minutes!  They were smiling and laughing and didn’t have a care in the world – that is pure joy!

Brady Not Tom but Brady my dog.  We got him unexpectedly on July 1st last year and on Friday he turned two years old.  This little chihuahua mix has been the perfect rambunctious addition to our family.  He is a lover and a good match for our family.  He came to us on the immediate heels of us losing our beloved Chippy and I was leary of him but agreed to take him for the sake of our kids.  I’m so glad I did.

Three baskets Cammy B is getting more comfortable on the court and scored three baskets yesterday. I know that feeling she gets when she sinks them and as much joy it brings her it brings me more (dare I say!)

Give me big hugs Harper B tells me this every day. Need I say more?

What has brought you joy this week?

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