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Friday 3/18


Hello FRIDAY!  I am back at work today. After seven inches of snow and being indoors I am so elated to be working!  The kids are still out of school since the melting really won’t go down until today so thanks to my mom for watching them for me to work.

Here are some nuggets from the past 7!

First the blog posts from this week:

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OK here’s the week in a few blurbs and snaps!

Last Friday I got my hair did.  Lizz decided to have me channel and love the Dolly Parton Matted Poodle look I naturally rock.  I like it!  Correction:  I love it.  Big hair don’t care (and saves me a lot of time and damage from the flat iron.)

It also spurned a trip to Sally to get a new dryer and more product.  Oops.  But it’s all gravy when your fabulous stylist allows you to use her discount for the purchase!

Saturday was basketball and concession duty.

Sunday was freezing.  We stayed home all day.  I wanted to do something I find exciting! So I decided to cook a nice lunch of meat loaf, mashed potatoes (for the other people), green beans, and cheesecake brownies!  I love when we have meals all together at the island or table. OK I know I’m weird I find making Sunday lunch exciting.

Also on Sunday: My husband finished 90% of the bathroom so I was able to get in and start putting my touch on it!  I’m thrilled with it.  The new shower head (hubby bought it as a surprise for me) is phenomenal!

Mondays are days that no longer bother me.  When it turns out they are a holiday as well then I enjoy them that much more!  The kids and I went to Chickfila for lunch and then to see Ferdinand.  On the way home we hit up Starbucks – I’m creating a monster in my 10 year old – she is all about some fraps now.  But that’s a whole other blog post!

Image result for ferdinand
I didn’t quite enjoy this movie as much as I hoped I would.  If you haven’t seen it then just wait for Redbox.

Tuesday I had all day to work on a client’s home and it was so nice to have a full day to focus on refreshing it! Tuesday turned into Wednesday and this is what we woke up to:

Let’s go for a walk!  To get lunch!  I actually went for a jog, in riding boots, at the school!  I know I’m weird and probably need some type of medical attention LOL!

I do not mind a snow day here or there but as of the publishing of this post we have had three back to back to back.  That’s torture.  OK that sounds bad but relax we did have fun.

On Thursday my husband returned to work on a limited schedule.  I did some cleaning around the house, a little baking, some pinot noir drinking…oh and here’s some snapshots of what was going down while we awaited some melting to take action!

Is there anything better than a toasted sandwich?  Seriously, we ate our chicken breast, lettuce, and a tiny bit of spread on toasted bread and were in heaven.  It really is the little things.  Oh and we finished off the dill pickles sweet Judy gave us for Christmas.  We must have more dill pickles!
I saved the laundry for Jeopardy.  The winning (two nights in a row) player is from Raleigh and is a school teacher so we’re cheering him on.  Is it weird I keep my score when I play along on tv?  Don’t answer that.
This shot is horrible.  We’re a soup and chowder family – I love to make clam chowder and I made some yesterday (in the Instant Pot).  My daughter said, “Mom you really need to make this every week.”  I think she’s smart.

Not pictured was our four wheeling kiddos, sledding in the daylight, sledding in the moonlight.  They have had so much fun in that god-forsaken-white-stuff. Haha!

And now we are to the third Friday of 2018!  I hope your Friday is headache free and your weekend is full of sunshine, warmth, and good times.


14 thoughts on “Friday 3/18”

  1. Wow, my big haired beauty, looks like a great, cozy week! Really digging the blue in the bathroom! Mmmm a Sunday meatloaf meal cannot be beat! I know all this snow is torture for my babe, so I too hope the sunshine warms your precious face! Hugs and now direct flights to NC from my lil airport! I’m coming sister!

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  2. I love your shower curtain in the new bathroom. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes is a perfect cold-weather comfort food lunch! So is that clam chowder! I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and have been trying all kinds of recipes in it. I haven’t made clam chowder yet though! You definitely got a lot more snow than we did. Hope it warms up and melts soon! Have a great weekend!

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