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Home: January

Good whatever time of day you are reading this!

The decorations of Christmas, I hope, are down and packed away.  I look forward to one thing in January – fresh space.  As in we end a year with Santas, nativities, stockings, wreathes and we start a year with a fresh slate.

If you are looking at your home thinking it’s time to change some things up let this post help you out.


The easiest way to change your home’s look and give it a fresh new vibe is to change the color.  This translates to painting the walls.  I, personally, despise painting; but I cannot deny the way a freshly painted room makes me feel!

The 2018 Pantone color of the year is purple and that is a color I can personally deal with (and smile.)  The specific shade of the year is ultra violet which is a fusion of red and purple.  So let’s play with this color for a moment shall we?

You can put this on your wall…

Bottom purple

Pick a shade and pick a room.  When I see the fairest hues I’m automatically taken to a relaxing bedroom, spa bathroom, or an office for “her.”  Personally, I’m not about to paint a room in honor of the Prince from Michigan but…

Thank you Wesley Moon for this photo!  I love the golden rod accent!

To up the femininity of the shade you can pair it with soft grey.  These shades also go well with gun metals.  Let’s not forget making it super fun and pairing it with bright pinks, oranges, and greens.

This photo is courtesy of The English Room and I love the pops of color with the sofa being the centerpiece.

PPG likes to share their color of the year (less followed than Pantone) and they chose Black Flame.  This isn’t a color I prefer on my walls (Southern girl here not a metropolitan gal.) However, I do like to accent with black!

This deep indigo wall color is PPG PAINTS 2018 Color of the Year, Black Flame. This sophisticated, unexpected neutral fulfills a craving for comfort, privacy and hope. Black Flame acts like a black curtain, allowing your unique décor treasures to take center stage.
Via Pittsburgh Paints

My heart does flutter a bit at the accents of Secret Safari and Gypsum.

And then Sherwin Williams announced it’s color of the year would speak straight to my heart:

When we dream of the ocean, we dream in blue. Gentle, powerful, soothing, this hue brings calmness, peace and an undeniable desire to relax and have fun. Want that same vibe in your house? Dive into our Color of the Year 2018, Oceanside SW 6496. Then pair it with hues like Lagoon SW 6480, Agua Fria SW 9053, Tansy Green SW 6424 and High Strung SW 6705 to create a colorful getaway you don’t have to leave home for.

Ocean Side is calling to me (not just because it’s ocean) because it is the color I’m naturally attracted to.  We all have that shade that pulls us in and these shades are the ones that catch my eye and magnet me right over.  If you have been in my house then you know this entire palate could be renamed Amanda.

So there are some ideas for walls as per the trendy side of 2018.  You may feel more comfortable using those colors for accents.  Go for pillows, window treatments, rugs, towels, and my favorite – flowers!

Bring outside inside

No-Fail Plan: 11 Low-Maintenance Houseplants That Are Nearly Impossible to Kill |
I am channeling my Mom-o on this part of the post today!

This year make your house a mini green house!  From succulents, which require little to nothing, to fun tropical style plants, all the way to basic ivies – bring the plants in!  Not only will they clean your air and teach your kids some responsibility; but they will bring new life to your home and liven it up just by existing!

Plants should go in EVERY room!  The living area, kitchen, bath, bedrooms, even the laundry!  Put a little green happiness in there and be healthy!  Go the extra step and place plants you actually use in the kitchen – herbs, aloe, etc.

Heavy metal

I never thought I would write this but…

Brass is back.

I grew up in the 90’s and so I have this feeling about brass that makes me nauseous.  However, this year we’re mixing metals.  Copper got the shining spot last year and this year we are looking at fusing your copper pieces with brass pieces and tin.  Mix the metal.

How to mix and match metals in a kitchen. Farmhouse sink with polished nickel faucet. Brushed gold pulls from Caitlin Wilson
I fell in freaking love with this photo because it’s calling to the depths of my soul.  OK now that that is out and I feel great – this is what I’m talking about.  The mixing isn’t in your face and ugly it’s dainty and precise.  Unlike all that damned brass from 1991. Caitlin Wilson you rocked this out.

While we’re visiting decades gone by

I wasn’t around in the 70’s but I have been in homes that haven’t  been touched since the 70’s.  Many of my sweet clients live by the rule if you wait long enough the trend will return.  Well, while I hope that a few trends never show back up this is one that I guess isn’t so terrible.

Everything Old is New Again: Terrazzo Flooring is Making a Comeback. Good to hear :).
The flooring is terrazzo – remember it?  Many municipal buildings had this so if you’re not quite from the 70’s then you will remember seeing it in schools, post offices, the courthouse.

This is actually not a bad flooring because it is so easy to maintain and keep clean.  You sweep, vacuum, and mop.  You can also pick from a super wide variety of terrazzo colors and patterns.

Terrazzo tiles in many color ways and 3 sizes from Daltile - Retro Renovation
via Daltile

I’m not going out to order this.  But hey!

The pattern of the year goes from chevron to chevron

No, it doesn’t but I’m not a fan of it or Herringbone which is supposedly the rage for ’18.

Love this Herringbone pattern kitchen backsplash! HGTV Magazine
I had to get this one from HGTV – OK I give in it’s cute!

Elimination of the gallery wall

Gallery walls have been the rage for about ten years.  I never created one in my home (but the idea did cross my mind no short of 76 times.)  Twenty eighteen is asking you to bid adieu to the gallery wall and to embrace large art.

If you hate painting then you should get excited right now!  Instead of drop cloths, brushes, and rollers, you can use that money to buy a few new oversized pieces of art (go ahead and hit up Hobby Lobby) and change your room with a simple tack or two.

paint on burlap scrap and float in a frame or paste to canvas... love~ tall flowers on canvas.  super simple to make!
For you Farmhouse people.  This is from
DIY Shower Curtain Art... this is the coolest thing ever. - House of Jade Interiors Blog
Anyone have a boy?  This.
cure for a big blank wall wallpaper - Google Search
How clean, polite, and classic.  housemixblog

So there you have it a slight culmination of home trends for a new year.  What do you love?  Hate?  Want to try?  Let me know!

Oh and every girl needs this in her life this year….

Babe cave sparkly linen pillow-Sold out-Reserve now for February



10 thoughts on “Home: January”

  1. Now, this is some cool decorating, such fun plays on color and I gotta admit some of those colors are making my heart go pitter patter, I just get scared to go bold but Oceanside…oh I can get behind that!! PS, saw tour bathroom on Twitter and LOVE the color!! Happy Monday my beauty!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My grandmother’s house had terrazo floors as does my place of work, I love that they are coming back! I love that pop of purple bed! Alas I rent and cannot do many things to my home, but I am very inspired to do all kinds of things to Gentleman caller’s house now, I may just have to go over there and do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is a lot you can do in your rental that shouldn’t violate your contract! From this post the addition of mixed metals in your “removable” design scheme; houseplants are of course easy! But if you are thinking about painting well….I digress!


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