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When Andrea emailed this out on Christmas Eve – I laughed!  No way was I focusing on anything such as January blog posts any time soon.  But the holidays came to an end and I was blowing dust off the blog!

My re-entry into blog world was last Wednesday, January 3rd.  Anne sent over the prompt for the Currently link up on December 27th and so I could accept the challenge to write the first post of 2018.

I guess I like Q&A style posts for the return to blogging post the holidays.  It’s a fun way to reintroduce ourselves.  So here I go…

Hi, I’m Amanda and this is my TBB donation to the link up for January!


1. Resolutions or No Resolutions?  Egh well I don’t have any of those vanilla goals.  I am resolving to be happier.  Isn’t that a good goal?  Find zen more?  Maybe it will lead to some revelations instead of resolutions?  I read The Happiness Project last year and it was quite impact-making.  Gretchen Rubin really knows how to take every day life and make you actually (you know) see it.  I think I need to re-read it and get my ass in gear.
Free, Seasonal Ecard: Today is a sad morning because that white shit is on the ground.2. Love snow or No Snow? I give snow a two week window.  It is welcome from 12/12-1/05 but after that give me sunshine and seventy-five.  I did have a moment of insanity during the Christmas break when I ordered snow bibs and boots for my children.  I also sent a text to my best friend I wouldn’t mind if it snowed.  That was obviously an evening that I did not medicate.
3. Name a New Place you want to go this year?Awesome pic of Jules and his eyes  wooo hooo Boston but that will not happen.  I have that as a goal in 2019.  And I prefer to go in the fall and I prefer to go to Foxborough.  And I prefer to accompany Julian Edelman….bahahahaha!
4. Would you rather have a new Hair cut or Hair color? My grey is at the greatest volume it has ever been so I’m thinking hair color. But who am I kidding I doubt I really will go totally platinum.
5. Name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year?  More time with my friends.  My bestie and I have already scheduled our January GNO.  I’m hoping to plan two a month.  So girls you better be getting out that calendar!
6. Least Favorite thing about January?  It’s winter.  That’s enough to make me hate it.
Social Profile Photos | Desktop Wallpapers | Mobile Wallpapers | Coloring Pages | Stencils7. Most Favorite thing about January?  Football – it’s the time of the season that stuff really counts!
8. When do you take down your Holiday decorations? This year I took down a few on 12/26.  However, they all came down on 1/3 when the kids went back to school.  Since we didn’t have our traditional real tree I was lazy about getting the tree down.  By the way – fake trees just bite.  Fake pre-lit Walmart specials suck even more.  The week of Christmas a section of lights burned out.  That’s pretty bah humbug!  So I’m happy to announce that in 2018 we will resume our Thanksgiving tradition that we lost last year.
9. Do you diet in January? No.  I hate to see people crash diet after the holidays.  Be smart and join the Healthy Girl Challenge.
10. What area of your home do you want to organize the most? The whole damn thing.  I’m ready to change some colors in this place.  I’m also contemplating a few handyman changes (the stuff I cannot do) but we’ll see what happens.  Of course it will all be covered on the blog.
Nice and cozy Potato Leek Soup with Italian Sausage | completelydelicious.com11. Favorite Winter Comfort Food?  Soup.  Vegetable or chowder.  Makes me so happy.
12. Favorite Guilty Pleasure?  Drinking too much coffee and eating a sweet treat with it!


I set out to make an outline for the blog this year.  Healthy Girl, Around the House, Laughter are my main focuses this year!  So please come on back every now and then and see what is up!



16 thoughts on “The Blended Blog Asks”

  1. You crack me up cutie!! I am getting out my calendar, I’m free anytime to spend time with my lil sis!! OH yes, lets both accompany Julian, so stinking HOT!! Would love to just sit and have coffee and a sweet treat with you my love, hope it’s a great start to the week!

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    1. What you don’t want to eat grapefruit for three meals a day? Bahahaha. So the sky is white/grey and the kids are now out. There is salt on the road. Can we just meet up in Florida and continue to drive south until we hit crystal water? XO


  2. I definitely drink too much coffee and have a sweet tooth. I’m trying to break my sweet tooth, but I’m not an animal…I’m not breaking the coffee lol. My whole house needs a refresh too!!!! And I’m with you on crash diets. I do whole 30 every January because I indugle way too much over the holidays and need a reset and to break my bad cravings. But other than that, I’m all about a well balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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