Currently: Starting, Hoping, Scheduling, & Playing

It’s always fun to link up with Anne and her verbs 🙂  As of this Wednesday these are what make up this month’s currently post.

Wondering what to do with all of that free time you have now that the kids are back in school? Well we have an idea! Multi task! Schedule your car in for service and we'll drop you off anywhere you want to go within Central Phoenix and pick you up when your car is done. Oh the possibilities are endless: Coffee with friends, a movie, shopping...

Starting back to a regular schedule.  The kids went back to school today.  I’m using today to finish up some things around the house that will allow me to just breathe easier (this involves a vacuum and trash bags!)

#Funny Excited owls - Imgur
Photo from Imgur – Excited Owlets!!!

Hoping that this year is exciting in all positive ways!  I have never done a “word” for the year but for some reason when I started thinking about 2018 the word excitement kept coming to mind.  I don’t mind the idea of being excited for a year!  Maybe I can even bring some excitement to some people.

put your hair up in a bun, drink some coffee and handle it. // 25 inspiring girl boss quotes
This is how I schedule – but add some Eminem to the mix.


Luckily, I scheduled everything earlier in the week for the first quarter.  My book is filled with clients and I am happy about that.  My sweet Sara is scheduled to take care of the kids.  I swear she may be the little sister I never had.  I have even been working on scheduling our first little family vacation of the year!

Over the break we played Speak Out because my daughter found it on Christmas morning in her loot.  That game is so fun!  This weekend my daughter will play in her first basketball game – y’all say a prayer she has zero confidence even though she is a good 12-18 inches taller than the other players!  I have played with Legos a lot lately too.  But my favorite thing that I have played with lately?  New make up and brushes!

There you have it currently (linked with Anne.)


18 thoughts on “Currently: Starting, Hoping, Scheduling, & Playing”

  1. Cammy B got game, yes she does!!! Oooh how I wish I could sit in these hands with you and cheer her on!! So fun playing around with make-up. I tend to get in the same ole routine but maybe I need to switch it up a little, have a great day sis!! My head in in a bun, of course and I’m drinking coffee! 😉

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  2. Haha I love the sound of “Anne and her verbs”. Thanks for joining in! And I have trouble coming up with a word for the year, but your idea of “excitement” is such a good one. That’s surely got to make life better, or at least more fun 🙂

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  3. Hopefully everyone is falling back into routine nicely over your way. I am AMAZED at how late some kids go back. The schools around here go back tomorrow, and I have heard some people say they don’t go back til next week! We hit the books yesterday #meanmom.

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    1. Hey – the earlier you start back the quicker you finish up, right? Well not for us as I know that Heather B’s kids get out in May and my kiddo is in until the second week of June. All this is making me think summer! Woo hoo!


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