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Happy 2k18 & How’s Your Head?

Welcome to the next year of your life.  Do you love bringing in the new year?

I do.  This year we rang it in with friends at a party.  It was fun – maybe too much fun – but such a fun ending to 2017 and a super start to 2018.

I have decided that this year will be a good year, a fun year, a year that I treasure.  Generally, when the new year rolls around I’m quite meh.  Truthfully, the difference between 12/31 and 1/1 is nil to none.  It isn’t like the clouds open up, the sun shines, bright, and angels come down to sing you into a Disney princess state of mind.

But it is our state of mind that will catapult us into either a good year, great year, or just another year.

I am choosing to be excited.

Excited over…

Image result for flower garden images
You just wait until April, friends.  I cannot wait.  


Going overboard on planting flowers and when it’s not planting season (now) I’m going to splurge the $5 each week to have live, fresh flowers in my home.

Feeding the hungry.  Our church has a soup ministry that feeds the homeless each week.  I am going to join.  I already have a January date saved and a friend texting me the reminder.

Hiking more.  We started late in the season last year.  Not this year.

Image result for great smoky mountains fireflies 2018
courtesy of

Seeing the lightning bugs in the Great Smokey Forest.  If you aren’t sure what this means then let me direct you here.

Going to more baseball games.  Even though I’m not a huge fan of baseball I love to go to the games.  They are just a lot of Sunday afternoon fun.

No automatic alt text available.
Our last adventure in May 2016!  Myrtle Beach, SC.

I’m hoping to get in a vacation with my bestie – a mommy weekend away!

And that is that.  Maybe those are resolutions or maybe it’s just another list (I make so many lists!)  Whatever it is it is giving me reason to be excited over 2018.

Did you know that today is National Hangover Day?

I saw that and laughed.  I do not have a hangover today but I do have a jacked up intestinal tract.  (Too much meat and cheese and cake!)

Mama’s drink of choice when not in the Cabernet.

If you over indulged in the vino, beer, or liquor I only have a couple pieces of advice to alleviate the self inflicted issue:

  1.  Hydrate – you hurt because you took all the water out of your body.  Water with lemon, Gatorade – but no coffee which sucks.
  2. Go for a long walk – Running will make your headache and nausea worse so go for a thirty minute to hour long walk.  This helps get your system going and helps pull more toxins out of their favorite settling spots.
  3. Eat grease – This is a good ole college lesson.  When we would have major hangovers we would go straight to Bojangles and get biscuits and fries.  I don’t know what it is but grease just takes that excess alcohol right out of the system.  (OK so this may only work for people between the ages of 18 and 27.  The last time I had a hangover I tried this method and wound up in even worse shape.  And yes I was 36.)
  4. Go to bed early – Your body hates you and doesn’t trust you.  Let it rest.  Just do not lay around all day it will make you hurt worse!

So beauties, I want to know two things from your own life:

1.  Do you have any plans or goals for 2018?

2.  What is your hangover cure?

Happy New Year!




5 thoughts on “Happy 2k18 & How’s Your Head?”

  1. I am SO DANG thankful that I woke up WITHOUT a hangover this morning!! Now tomorrow morning may be a different story after the big game tonight! Happy New Year, Amanda! I’ve been thinking about the fresh flower thing, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I read this post and smiled. I have gone into the new years feeling meh too. I think going into this year I feel a bit overwhelmed…. but I know SO much good is going to come in 2018. So the more I think about it, the more excited I am.


  3. I love how you not only uplift your readers but you make us smile with such sweetness, wit and relatable prose! Adore you and I just know 2018 is bringing you immeasurable JOY!!

    Liked by 1 person

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