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Healthy Girl: Don’t Get Me Sick!

No, this isn't a post about proper hand washing.  But if you need that we can do that later. Today I'm writing about the issue at hand called Influenza and the other issue at hand called winter.  The only time I am not happy is when I am sick.  Anyone else feel that way?  That's… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Don’t Get Me Sick!

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Friday 4/2018

Look at us.  We are sitting on the edge of another fabulous weekend to celebrate! Last weekend looked like this: My girl scored THREE baskets in her basketball game!  I was so proud of her but way too into watching the game to take any photos.  I love that she is getting more… Continue reading Friday 4/2018

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HGHG: Kitchen Staples + Not So Low Country Shrimp & Grits Recipe

Hey pretty girl.  It's time for another Healthy Girl tip post.  Last time I shared the new take on healthy girl with you and also a recipe.  If you missed it I hope you will check it out by clicking here. Today we're looking at our grocery shopping trips. Do you ever feel annoyed when… Continue reading HGHG: Kitchen Staples + Not So Low Country Shrimp & Grits Recipe

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Books – January

Hey friends!  Anyone else love cuddling up with a good book when it's so cold outside?  Yes! Lately I have been reading and listening to more books than usual because I must feel the need to catch up from not reading at all for a while! Last summer a client gave me a box of… Continue reading Books – January

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Healthy Girl: Rise & Shine

You look hungry. Here's my favorite tiny to no carb breakfast casserole to make on Sunday or Monday for the entire week.  It keeps me satiated and going strong through busy days.  (You should still eat some lunch!) I pair it with a little fruit or veggies depending on what my taste buds are craving.… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Rise & Shine