Here We Go

The kids are out of school.

The presents are all wrapped. Whew.

Starting tomorrow we will be starting the Christmasing with my in-laws from the other Carolina.  The next day we will worship, eat Chinese, drink bourbon, and Christmas with the other in-laws.  Then a Santa will come to alert us that a baby was born – his presents representing the Present.


Christmas will be lots of food, pajamas, and two more family events.

And then poof….

It will be over.


In acknowledgement of just how fast this time will soar by us (cue the 747 sound now) I am bidding you adieu.  I must put on my ugly sweater leggings and North Face pull over.  It’s time to paint my lips the brightest red and have the camera setting ready to go.

My focus will be on chocolate pies, dozens more cookies, roasts, soups, and the dreaded mac n cheese.

My hands will be holding wine glasses, smaller hands, scissors, tape, and casserole dishes.

My heart will be anxious and light and light and anxious.

My liver will be working at full speed.

My spirit will be filled with thankfulness and a drip drop of sorrow as I recount the Christmases that included the people that aren’t here anymore.

So sweet friends I send to you a very Merry Christmas.  May you enjoy your Christmas to the utmost level of enjoyment.  Cheers to 2017.

I will see you in 2018.



2017 – Thank you for the memories!

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8 thoughts on “Here We Go”

  1. Started living in my Pj’s today!! Opening some wine tonight hopefully without cuts or bruises, lol. LOVE you friend and wishing you lots of laughter, good eats and relaxation! xo


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