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School is OUT!

For winter break!

So I’m a little sad about this and I have a few explanations as to why.

  1.  We are halfway finished with another school year.

While this is fabulous as far as fourth grade goes (she’s loving it but I wish we were in a different district) it is also sad as far as fourth grade goes.  My daughter is inching towards another year closer to those teen years and middle school and all the dramatics that come with growing up being a girl.  Oh Lord pass the wine.

My son’s preschool years are quickly coming to a close.  I never wanted a lot of kids.  I am content with my girl and boy.  However, he is the last baby.  The last kid.  His first five years have blown by at astronomical speed.  And…I’m not quite cool with the idea of him going to regular school.

The older I get, the less I care about winter and snow.

2.  Winter is really near.

If anyone knows I do not like winter then it is the ones of you who know me personally and from reading ABW or this blog.  (Probably more ABW because I had a mutlitude of posts explaining my severe hatred of winter.)

Yes, this is North Carolina.  That translates to winter being the most chaotic weather time of the calendar year.  We get the true roller coaster of weather emotions here.  It’s nothing to be 80 degrees on Tuesday and on Wednesday evening we get six inches of snow.

Charlie Brown Christmas Special

3.  Christmas is a blink away.

I do like the season.  We have determined that.  I do not like the actual day.  It’s just too sad.  I will wake up on the 26th and look at my tree and say, “What’s the point now?”

So today, tomorrow, and on up until the morning the kids wake us up at the butt crack of dawn I am focusing on doing Christmas at full tilt.  I’m focusing on the innocence of the ages they are now and their belief.  I’m going to not let the calendar get the best of me.

And I’m going to sip a lot of Cabernet.

winter break teacher memes



6 thoughts on “School is OUT!”

  1. Going full Christmas tilt here too my sister! After today I am off until 1st of January and so so happy about it. We need to soak in every precious second my friend. And I am proof that the school years go waaaay too fast! Love ya! Wish we could drink eat and watch good cheer goodies together!

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  2. I don’t have the kiddos, but I have nieces, nephew and future stepkids and feel the pain of the growing up too fast. My latest niece is the last baby in the fam and she is almost one, where does the time go?! I am soaking up the season as much as I can, lots of time off work to enjoy starting tomorrow afternoon! I hope one day I can pass the wine to you in person!

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