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Oh these Christmas Weekend

Hello friends!

Here we are on the homestretch of the holiday season.  Every year it seems to go faster.  This is worrisome.

Over the weekend we Christmased.

Friday night the kids and I baked cookies, did Mab Libs, danced to Christmas music, and watched our favorite shows that had their holiday episodes run last week.

Saturday was basketball practice.  My girl is loving round ball.  I’m so glad.  She’s learning and I really love that.  After practice she wanted to do some Christmas shopping.  She knew to do that she had to use her money.  I was astonished that my junior tightwad decided to bring all her cash from her money jar.  She purchased an item for her dad, one for me (I promised to act surprised on Christmas morning), and two gifts for her brother.  I prefer to buy for others than for myself.  When it comes to buying for myself I tend to fill my buggy and then ditch it and walk out empty handed.  I always say to myself, “I really don’t need this stuff.”  And sometimes I am guilty of setting aside a small sum of cash for myself and then spending it on the kids or the pets.  My daughter shocked me by eagerly picking out gifts (with lots of thought…I was the mom thinking can we go now while she combed the shelves for just the right Roblox figures for her brother.  She was thrilled to check out on her own and asked if I could wrap the gifts for her.  On the way home she asked if it would be ok to go ahead and give her brother one of his presents.  I told her it was totally up to her.

Moral of the story – that kid loves her little brother.

Mama win.

When we got home I made a cup of coffee.  (Favorite things find coming later this week.) I wrapped her gifts and then found the couch, a blanket, and Hallmark Channel.

Later in the afternoon we loaded up to go to McAdenville.  Our last adventure to Christmas Town USA was two years ago and we all fell in love (again for me, I went when I was growing up) with the beauty of the sweet little town just south of Charlotte.  Enjoy these photos of the magical lights.

I don’t think we will go back for another few years. This visit we waited three hours in line to park and walk.

Sunday morning I pulled myself out of bed to lead Preschool Power Hour at church. I only had three Little’s but they were a joy. Did you know that Jesus had salesmen and donkeys visit him in the manger?

Darn salesmen…

After church I came home and baked five dozen cookies for client gifts. I also decided to park my tail on the couch and watch Jesse Metcalfe’s Hallmark movie.

The kids headed to my mom and her husband. The hubs and I headed to our church to the Christmas dinner theater.

It was fun and delicious!

That’s the weekend. So let’s start putting pretty bows on this magical week!



6 thoughts on “Oh these Christmas Weekend”

  1. White girl can jump!!! Cammy B, so sweet buying for your lil Bro! What a festive weekend with the perfect mix of lights and Hallmark channel thrown in. Love ya to the moon sweets!

    Liked by 1 person

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