Two weeks before Christmas

I’m not really in the mood to blog.  Do I apologize?  I don’t have to?  OK!

I thought I would briefly recap life lately in a Friday post and then I realized it is Saturday.  Anyone else in this mind frame?

Last weekend can best be placed into words by clicking this link.

This week along with working (a lot) I managed to bake quite a bit.  Baking really does not fit into the HGHC from Tuesday.  But I strongly believe in the gift of food and I had four clients to bake for this week.

Speaking of baking – I deviated from a recipe that was tried and true to make a newer one found on the dad blasted internet.  It was a failure.  I should have known.  We ate on them anyway and I didn’t share them with anyone outside of my home.

OK maybe my husband’s coworkers.

May I recommend Oreo Truffles?

Claire Foy in "The Crown." set to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2016.
She makes the perfect Queen – Claire Foy.

I did not watch a drip of television until Friday night.  OK that’s a lie.  Many of you may be aware I am quite the anglophile.  Well The Crown became my jam in December 2016 and once again in December 2017.  I watched them all this week.  I did not realize I had watched them all so when I sat down to watch more I was in tears at the idea I had watched another season.  Check out this slideshow to see how the cast looks in relation to their real life counterparts.

Red Oaks (tv)

Time to finish up Red Oaks.

Are you finished with your holiday shopping?  I believe I am.  The children get what they get and will not throw a fit.  I need to make a mental post about buying for kids (for other people.)  My husband and I said we weren’t going to exchange anything and then I bought him four things.  That reminds me I need to collect some things to stuff in my stocking.  Any other mothers on this train with me?  I try to spend $20 on myself and put some kind of OK things (wrinkle cream…) in the stocking so the kids will hopefully give Santa another year.  Growing up my mom never had anything in her stocking so when I was a working girl (at 14) I started filling her stocking up.  My little brother was just a baby then and I could only think he would not believe in Santa if there was an empty stocking….and it was his mom’s.

Grandma’s Chocolate Pie Recipe

I have decided those who do not need material gifts will get chocolate pies.  I’ll post on this later.  I think.

Are you taking your probiotic?  I hadn’t been taking one until after a conversation with a friend.  She shared some research regarding gut health and anxiety attacks.  Do you have those well read friends who you do not second guess?  She’s one of mine.  So I went out and purchased an expensive pack of bacteria and have been taking them for about a week.  I feel sick.  Just being honest.

2018 Happy New Year. by Finevector on @creativemarket

And finally we have our NYE plans for the year.  After a four hour stint of turning our church into a home place for the homeless families of our county we will be picking up the kids and heading to a party.  It’s kid friendly so that’s a plus.  I just have to decide on what to make to take.  I was thinking a few bottles of wine but I think food is what the really want us to bring.

So hello Saturday!  After basketball practice this morning I have a list of to-do’s that include fun things like:

  1.  Library trip
  2. Lunch for kids
  3. Clean up the disaster (our house)
  4. Go to McAdenville.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics



7 thoughts on “Two weeks before Christmas”

  1. You are one amazing daughter, filling up mama’s stocking, I love that! I too have basically decided, they’ll get what they get and I’ll get done what I can. May the rest of the weekend hold some good ole binge watching and chillin my sweet friend! xo

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  2. I haven’t been in the mood to blog much either, it is totally okay. So this year is the first year the hubby and I have exchanged gifts in….11 years?! Yup that’s right. The last time we swapped presents we were dating. I am so freaking excited. I would totally stuff my own stocking too… but I don’t even have one, HA!

    Liked by 1 person

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