Odds & Ends

Hi friends.  Welcome to the time of year we (OK not me) count down to Christmas.  The count according to my children is 14 days.

I don’t like to count down to Christmas because I love the Christmas season.  The actual day is sad if you ask me.  It’s the finality of the season.  The next sleep will find you awakening to what?  Christmas being over.

And if you are one of those people who just adore NYE then never mind.

Today I wanted to share some odds and ends because currently blogging doesn’t seem too fun to me.  It comes in phases!  Am I right?

My daughter started basketball last week.  This came out of left field for me because I do not like basketball.  I like football.  I like grabbing people and throwing them down.  Yes, I have issues LOL!  No really – she had a basketball month in PE last year and fell in love with it and now she’s playing.  Well she’s learning.

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But first #pizza 🤪✌🏻

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I surprised her on Thursday and took her out to dinner and to see the Lady Deacs (Wake Forest University….it’s the local school that she now wants to attend.  At $40,000 a year she may need to get a job.)

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Last Friday I was “off” work only to be working on my own home.  The sky was grey and coffee was good!  I had the Christmas tunes cranked on 99 and was a busy little bee er elf? Around 9:45 AM I looked out the window and noticed it was snowing.  I thought nothing of it.  Flurries are flurries.

Around noon I went out to run some errands, pick up my son, and grocery shop.  The snow flurries were picking up.  Like I said – just flurries!

Grocery with my five year old generated this post via FB:

Grocery shopping with my son is the equivalent of hell on earth.

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Weekend begins #flurries

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When we came out of the grocery store the flurries were sticking.  That meant we needed provisions.

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Provisions #flurries

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I just went for the coffee (said no one ever.)

The South gets a bad wrap when it comes to winter weather and I concur with the yankee thoughts.  Let me explain something…

When it snows you can drive normally.  Driving in snow is like driving in Slush Puppy.  When the snow isn’t even sticking on the road and the temperature is 35 you really don’t need to let black ice take over your brain waves.

While I was on I-40, headed home, the person in front of me was going 45 miles per hour and constantly slamming on their brakes.  Friends, there was no one in front of them.

This is why people wreck.  Humans are stupid.

Oh and the school system did not release early so there were a lot of parents raising immortal hell.  I just shook my head.

If you cannot trust your teenager to drive in flurries and slush then your child need not drive at all.  If you do not trust your child to get home safely on the bus then maybe you should GO PICK YOUR KID UP!  If their safety is so important to you then you shouldn’t stay at work – I mean job or kid?

And with that being said can I just say – it wasn’t a major weather event.  It was SNOW.

The only people I felt sorry for were the bus drivers.  God almighty have mercy on their souls.  Bus loads of excited little ADHD humans and snow?  No.

Soap box, ever?

Friday afternoon around 4pm this was my view from my porch…

Friday night was spent baking, painting, drinking….the regular.


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I also made these….

Damn good.  I said I would never make these because they are too good.  Well never is a promise, Fiona Apple, and I cannot afford to lie.

Saturday night my kids went to my mom’s.  The husband and I were to have a triple date night but one couple opted not to go a week ago and the other couple backed out due to possible black ice.  The roads were fabulous and the hubs and I went to dinner and then….finished our Christmas shopping!

Good thing no one likes me.

So yeah.

Sunday was….a massive headache.  No really – I woke up with my sinus cavities hating me.  But I trucked on.  The kids and I went to church.  The husband was at work.  I spent the remainder of the day binge watching my most favorite show on Netflix – The Crown.

Anne Taintor napkins are the perfect gift – for a hostess, for a girlfriend…for anyone who has a kitchen…or anyone who has ever needed to mop up a spilled cocktail. Laughs guaranteed. 5″ X 5″ 20 napkins with resealable opening Soft 3 – Ply paper, naturally bleached, without chlorine Made in Germany

I am an Anglophile.  I can admit it.  Elizabeth is fabulous but I’m more interested in Messy Margaret.  Read her life story, people.  I always wonder if she had married Peter would her life had been so damn tragic?

And PS – I don’t think anyone with a functioning brain would want to be a royal.  Megan Markle – you sweet peer of mine – what have you gotten yourself into?  Harry’s pants obviously….ha!

I would adore getting back to working out this week but my calendar laughs at that idea.  We’ll be balling, working, caroling, baking, and all that Christmas fun that comes when you are 14 days (STOP REMINDING ME, KIDS) from the big day.

I hope your week is amazing.







10 thoughts on “Odds & Ends”

  1. The snow was such a sweet surprise….and girl I feel ya about the drivers! There must have been a little something in this front because it hit my sinuses hard too. I did not have time to feel bad this weekend….I’m always like why can’t this happen during the dang work week!! haha Glad y’all got a date night! Hope you have a super week.

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  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels a little let down on Christmas Day! It’s like, Gee, it’s all over?! I have already made Red Velvet Cake Balls for GNO later this week and they’re similar to your Oreo truffles! Yum!!

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  3. Possible black ice… hahaha!
    We drove to VT Saturday night while it was snowing. We got stuck in a line of cars going 30 mph that must have been 2 miles long. When we finally got up to the car at the front (my husband passed a LOT of cars that night), they had Texas plates! Of course! Oh, and they had their flashers on too. The roads weren’t even bad!!

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