Random prayers

No, it is isn’t November again.  (Though a do-over would be great!)  I’m just thankful right now like…

Safety from the wildfires – I’m not in California and a pretty far drive from there as well!  But seeing those fires and hearing the stories tears my heart apart.  Just yesterday on NPR there was a story about a husband and wife who lost both children in wildfires earlier this year.  It was a heartbreaking story – the father saw the son die in the fire – the daughter died in the hospital in October.  The mother is still in a medical coma and the father is rehabilitating and remembers everything.  Just hearing this story made me bawl.  I cannot imagine the pain on all levels that the father is facing.  Remember those who are losing their homes and normalcy during this time of disaster in California.  But please remember those who are fighting the fires – the heroes – fireman on the ground and in the air doing all they can to put out the flames.  Remember the EMTs and paramedics who are also working so diligently to save lives.

The fighters – My daughter is playing basketball for the first time ever this winter.  She had her first basketball practice this week.  On the other team there is a little boy whose dad was recently diagnosed with incurable cancer.  A friend told me they have estimated that he has about a year left and here he is with two small children and a new baby due this month.  He was out on the court, evidently fighting a battle, helping coach the team.  As I watched him out there my heart just sank – here I am a healthy mama who was barely able to keep her eyes open during practice and thinking “If I can just get a coffee.”  This man put it in perspective for me – my stupid little thought train is nothing compared to the thoughts he has chugging through his mind – maybe “If I can just have more time.”  He is not the only parent who is fighting the battle of battles – remember these moms and dads. With that being said – remember the children in the fight of their lives as well.

The cold – Winter hit our area (or maybe this is real fall?) this week.  Our temperatures are now highs in the 40’s and lows in the 20’s.  I cannot deal with cold weather and cold weather defined by myself means anything under eighty degrees!  Here’s the deal:  I can battle the cold with nice clothing, a heat pump, a coat, warm coffee and soup.  The truth of the matter is for every one of me there are countless others who are huddled up in the woods, alley ways, and parks. They cover themselves in plastic bags to retain body heat.  They await a soup truck to show up to bring a meal.  We don’t know their stories but we don’t need to.  They need our help.  Remember them.

The tired – The ones who are looking at the bills and then covering their eyes with their palms.  There’s a tree all lit up and pretty but there’s a mountain of worry falling over them.  It’s trying to steal their joy and take their focus away from the true meaning of this season.  They need the gentle reminders that what seems to be a problem is really not going to be one.  They need to do what the Polar Express reminds us of – Believe.  Believe that you can overcome it and you will.  Believe in the simplicity and live it.  Believe in the good and allow yourself to feel it.

And then these souls:

Those working in retail…you don’t want to know what they are going through this BUSY season.

The mail and delivery crews….just like the retail sector these people are on high alert and working from dark to dark thirty.  There is no day of rest for those with the packages and letters.

The teachers (especially of elementary aged kids) if you thought herding kittens was hard imagine kittens who have been into the catnip called Christmas.

I’m sure you will see another post like this soon.  I just wanted to give my thoughts a place to rest and be read.





6 thoughts on “Random prayers”

  1. Great post, Girlfriend! I sat in church last Sunday feeling so guilty about not being in the Christmas spirit this year. The tree still isn’t done, either! I hope Cami has an awesome BB season!!


  2. We have been surrounded by so much sadness lately and personally, 3 deaths close to us, prayers are just extra needed for all in our world right now and love your cotton picking heart even more for this post!

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  3. It’s a hard world out there and so many people suffering every day. We all have so much to be grateful for and sometimes need a little reminder. Thanks for sharing.

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