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Happy mid week, friends!  If you are like me you are working for another fun and festive weekend of celebrating the season.  I just love celebrating the month with the monthly link up with Anne and this month also Catherine.

Pinterest: @marialyn711 bath and body works holiday candles twisted peppermint vanilla snowflake winter candy apple

Tis the season for candles.  I’m lighting my favorites from Bath & Body Works.  I’m also lighting a tea light to go in my wax warmer my current favorite is Cozy Lodge which was available at local Micheal’s Stores in the fall.  Ahhh I love the smells of cooler months.  But I do miss my pineapple scents!

Cars ride through a tunnel of Christmas lights at the Nights of Shimmering Lights display at the Hillsborough County fairgrounds. Visitors can ride through dozens of light displays in their cars. EVE EDELHEIT | TIMES

The holidays make me want to spend all the time I can relishing the season.  This past weekend we celebrated German/Moravian style at Bethabara Park.  This week I’m surprising my daughter with a trip to see the Lady Deacs play the App State Mountaineer girl’s basketball team.  We will be baking a lot and going to the movies and to Christmas Town USA in the coming days and weeks.  Another fun thing we enjoy doing is getting food to go and driving around our county to see the Christmas lights around the homes.

Choosing Hope  |  The Fresh Exchange

It is easy to be caught in the hustle and bustle of the not so fun parts of this season.  I am choosing to not get worried over gifts or events.  Instead I’m choosing happy!  Keep my eyes focused on the baby in the manger and the other stuff will fall into place!  Each day I am reading a devotional for Advent that members of our church put together with their own words and favorite scripture.  Oh and I’m choosing Hallmark as much as I can!

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting and outdoor

One of my favorite things about December is Christmas cards!  I love, love, love to receive but I also love to send them.  With that being said if you love them too then we should trade mailing addresses and send cards to one another!

A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra

I’m not a fan of the Christmas station on the radio here in my area.  They play the same twenty songs on loop for 60 days.  This girl CANNOT take it.  That is probably why I cannot stand to listen to the radio the other 11 months as well LOL!  What am I singing?  A lot of Frank Sinatra Christmas and a lot of the old, old hymns!  My most favorite!

So now it’s your turn….

What are you lighting, spending, choosing, sending, and singing?



19 thoughts on “Currently…Christmas”

  1. This picture, love, love LOVE!!! And now I suddenly remembered what I was wanting to do for me. An Advent devotional. I got smacked in the face with cold #2 on December 1st and I am just now feeling human again. I am so bummed to have missed so much. Maybe I’ll dive into one anyways.

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  2. Your Christmas card is beautiful!! And I am all about the classic Christmas station on Pandora. Love the old stuff – it’s the best. I need some of those candles! And I am with you on the no worry and no stress! Let’s do it!

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  3. The old hymns are my favorite too and the Frosted Cranberry. BUT let’s talk about how ANAZING Your pictures turned out! My gosh, my sis has a beautiful family! Hope your having a great day you model and festive babe you!

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  4. Ha, I am with you on the Christmas radio stations. It drives me nuts how early they start, and how they play the same stuff over and over. I prefer the classics too. Enjoy the season, and thanks for linking up!

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