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A Little Christmas Q&A


TBB ASKS Questions Monday, DEC 4th

1. Real or Fake Tree?
REAL Tree!  This is part of our yearly Thanksgiving Tradition of going to Boone and getting a live tree from Greene Tree Farm.  This year marks the 9th year of this tradition.  We have had all sorts of trees but I have found I like the small, skinny ones the best!
So a little update – we have a fake tree for the first time.  I’m sickened.
2. Favorite Christmas Cookie?
Cowboy Cookies!  This cookie isn’t crazy sweet and has some awesome ingredients in it like Corn Flakes.  I’m also a sucker for oatmeal cookies.  This year my daughter wants to try out some new recipes so I imagine that will totally happen!
3. Home on Christmas Morning or Travel?
Since we live anywhere from a hop, skip, and jump from family or a quick ten minute car ride we are home on Christmas morning.
4. Clear or Colored Lights?
Clear.  My husband came into this marriage a colored lights man and that is why our home is outlined in them.
5. Send Christmas Cards?
HECK YES!  And I love to receive them!
6. Favorite Christmas Present Received?
Um….our first Christmas my husband bought me clothing and he had good taste back then!  Our second Christmas he bought me the classic cookbook – How To Cook Anything – and I treasure it.
7. Favorite Christmas Present Given?
I love to give photos – framed ones!
8. Stockings or no stockings?
We do have stockings but no mantle which is funny because originally this house had TWO mantles!
9. Christmas PJ’s?
For the littlest babe.  My daughter has hit the age where Christmas jammies aren’t really available at the store so meh whatevs.
10. Favorite Christmas carol?
Carol of the Bells gets me in the Christmas spirit.  Come Thou Long Expected Jesus is another favorite.
11. Favorite Holiday Tradition?
Chinese on Christmas Eve!  I’m not really sure why I started doing this other than my husband’s step mom isn’t a really strong cook and we all love Chinese in our house so picking up Chinese to nibble on as a late lunch early dinner just stuck!  Another favorite is going to see the lights – driving around our little town or going to a light event we always have a lot of fun doing this.  I’ll post more on this one later!
12. Early Shopper or Last Minute?
In between!  I always think it would be cool to be an early shopper but then again I like shopping during the season.  Unfortunately, this leads to unnecessary stress too.
13. Favorite Christmas Movie or Show?
A Christmas Carol.  The Muppet one is pretty good but I like the original in black and white.  When I was in middle school my grade took a trip to the High Point Theater to see the play and it stuck with me as a wonderful time in middle school – I guess that’s why I love it.
14. Favorite Holiday Beverage?
Bourbon.  The holidays make me want a bourbon and coke.  Maybe it’s the stress from shopping! HA!
15. Cookies and Milk for Santa?
Yes.  Always.
How about you?  What are some of your responses to these questions?  I’m interested!

16 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Q&A”

  1. Gimmie egg roll!! Chinese on Christmas Eve sounds awesome!!! LOVED reading your answers my little festive friend! Go have a super duper easy Monday and cap it off with a B&C (bourbon ads coke!) 😉

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  2. We eat Chinese typically on Christmas night haha. This year my older two are going to have Christmas with their dad on Christmas night so things will be a little different than our normal. I so miss a real tree but this year I did find some real scraps to use on my mantel and maybe it will make it until the 25th without being completely dead!

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  3. I have a friend who get Chinese food every Christmas day and sits with her kids to watch National Lampoons Christmas vacation; I always thought that was such a fun tradition. We tend to get pizza Christmas eve as we have a HUGE crowd and it’s an easy way to please everyone.

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  4. So funny that both of our men are colored light dudes. I mean, what gives and why? They are kind of fun I suppose. But clear ones are just so magical. FYI Kohls has jammies in ALL sizes. I think this is the last year M’s will come from the kiddo side. I bought her a 14/16… What the French, She’s not even 9.5!!!!

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