Gift Guide: Little Man


I have a five year old boy.  If you have had or have a five year old boy then you know that they are little bundles of pure joy and also a hefty dose of Dennis the Menace.

They also want every single thing they see.

Shopping for a five year old boy is not difficult and to be honest I really think these laid back guys would be content with anything you wrapped up for them (except maybe clothing…)

A couple of movie ideas…

The LEGO Batman Movie [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray/DVD] [2017] - Front_Standard

Cars 3 [DVD] [2017] - Front_Standard

These are both on my boy’s list.  He loves movies and I love for him to get movies because that’s the perfect set up for a break on Saturday or Sunday afternoons!

Lego classic!

LEGO - Minecraft The Iron Golem - Front_Zoom

We have a Minecraft kid in our house and he is five years old.  I really don’t get the whole Minecraft crap but he loves it and he loves to build so adding more Legos to the mix are OK I guess.


Suitcase Science: Rocks and Minerals

If you don’t order from Scholastic you are missing out.  Books, movies, kits, crafts – they have it.  My boy would ADORE a rock set.  I’m looking at this one for $10.


Five years old means your little one should be reading or on the cusp of it.  With a boy that can be a major challenge since the little dudes generally are a tad behind in this voyage.  My son loves Pete the Cat, Lego Super Heroes, Star Wars, and pretty much anything else LOL!  These sets are fabulous!


The past few years my nook of NC has got some pretty good snow.  (This means four inches.)  We don’t have sleds and the such so maybe this year would be a good year to get one and watch it never snow again -haha!

And yes I include Nerf for outside play because I don’t live in that kind of house!  Are these classic or what?  Nerf is just family fun so I don’t mind adding these to the list when they are requested!

And that is a simple list for sweet five year old boys!  (I think we could stretch it all the way to eight year olds!)



9 thoughts on “Gift Guide: Little Man”

  1. Too funny, liteally exactly what my boys wanted at that age and for about 5-7 years thereafter. But yep, at that age, they take anything..LOVE IT!! LOVE YOU!!

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