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Holiday Remix!!!


Keep it simple, stupid.

Haha that’s the idea when I do these challenges.  I read a lot of blogs and hear a lot of people “struggling” – half of y’all ain’t even on the struggle bus you’re just on the lazy bus. WHEW felt good to get that off my chest.

If you haven’t read my Healthy Girl posts before then you should know….

  1.  I don’t sell stuff.  No gimmick here.  Just common sense!
  2. I realize the idea of exercise is probably something you do not get excited about.
  3. I hate that we live in a world that makes being unhealthy acceptable.
  4. These challenges are so common sense that you may be shocked.

Day one was yesterday (aka MONDAY) and it was to stop drinking everything but water.

The post was a surprise one on FB/Snap so if you were able to drop the coffee by 10am and drink water the rest of the day then HELL YEAH!

If not today is your day.  Get in your coffee requirement for functioning and then switch it to water the remainder of this Tuesday.

Also, add in today’s challenge.  I wanted to call it “Off your ass, fatty.”  But I realize not everyone takes to my humor.

So I will say, “Get up and move, dumplin.”

As in get up and walk every hour for a minimum of five minutes.  Even if you are an office rat you can do this.  Teacher?  You have that class room to maneuver.  Nurse, pst  you are walking, sister!  Most employers are pro movement so take advantage of it.

Tonight when you get off work you’re challenged to take a real walk.  That means you are going to put that little body in motion for a mere thirty minutes at a more brisk pace.

We are promoting two things with these two challenges:

  1.  Hydration which will help curb the need to eat Little Debbie Gingerbread Men (ahem, hand up!)
  2. Movement of the body to tell a sedentary work week to kiss it!

See ya in a couple days with more to add!



5 thoughts on “Holiday Remix!!!”

  1. Did I tell you I bought a fit bit?! I have been using an outdated Garmin for a while now and I snagged a fit bit, wait. I think I told you that. Anyways I am SO freaking excited. I want it here NOW. I think it arrives tomorrow. Also I had to skip the gym today because my behind was so sore from yesterdays bulgarian split squats… oooopppsss.

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