Holiday Prep

Mid November – whoa what?  Here we are, friends!  The ball has been dropped and in eight days we will be feasting on big farm raised birds, mashed and smashed potatoes, casseroles of all kinds, and pie!

Then we’ll trade the gobble for the tree.

And it all happens so fast!

I think we need to take a moment to breathe and also plan our attack – hopefully our very slow and aware attack that is one of joy and happiness.

Prepping your….

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It doesn’t matter if you are hosting or not chances are these little pieces of help will aid in the preparation of a wonderful warm home for the holiday.

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  1.  My jam – cleaning!

You don’t need a deep cleaning before the holidays.  Save that for January when you are ready to hit the reset button all facets of your life.  Before you welcome the friends or put out the decor get the house tidy.  This can be a simple check list of your regular cleaning tasks like dusting, shining windows and mirrors, disinfecting those bathrooms and the kitchen, vacuuming and mopping.  But add in a few other tasks to get everything super comfy and clean like:

Changing your sheets!  We are in the beginning stages of cold and flu season and friends you need and deserve clean bedding.  This is also a good time of year to buy new sheets if you need them.  Housewares go on sale around Thanksgiving to help us out for hosting!

Don’t forget the handles and bannisters!  As stated above the germs are here and we need to get rid of them.  Don’t forget to wipe down those faceplates, switches, handles, etc to get them grime free and germ free.

The fridge! You’re going to have a lot of food (leftovers, dishes to take to parties, foods that are gifted to you) so clean out your fridge and while you have it cleaned out wipe it down.  Take on the freezer too!  Freezers can be bottomless pits so let’s just clean it out now!  Oh and these tasks can save you on your grocery bill too!

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2.  Last Call – Outside!

We love to decorate the outside of our home and with good weather not as common as it was a month ago it’s time to make sure we get our porches and decks cleaned up and ready for those sparkling lights!

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3.  Just toss it!

Go through your medicine cabinets and bathroom stash areas.  Get rid of the make up that’s past the point of usage.  Eliminate medications that are out of date and make sure you get new stock.  The holidays are *unfortunately* a time that our tummies can go into dismay.  Get the pepto and kaopectate ready to go!  Those half used bottles of BBW are ready to go.  I’m just sayin’ people.  You know you will get gifted a new lotion or two.

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4.  Go through the holiday decor.

Sometimes we have decorations that we are just not into anymore.  This is the week to go through your goodies and decide which ones are ready to find a new home to adorn.  You can sell these on various apps and websites to make a little loot to buy some new!  You can also donate your unwanted decor to various non profits and social welfare agencies!  Last year I gave our fake tree to our church – we didn’t need it and they did.  It was nice to see that little tree light up the stage with many others each Sunday!

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5.  Make some food plans.

Take a day and pin away sisters and brothers.  We have so many side dishes and desserts to make this season it’s a good idea to find them and save them and have them ready for when the time arrives that we need to make a cheeseball, casserole, or awesome holiday cake!

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6.  Events?!

If you haven’t planned your events then you better jump on that!  This is the crazy time of year so the quicker you can pull it together the better.  Remember that hosting is a huge deal but your friends will help you out!  Make pot luck style dinners and go ahead and jazz them up with semi formal attire – the Corningware can be the accessory!

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7.  Shopping dates

If you want to meld together a date night and Christmas shopping adventure into one then I can suggest you turn a date night into a shopping date night.  My husband and I do this yearly and it is so fun.  We have fun walking around and browsing….and people watching!  It’s a lot more laid back for us too when we’re together.  We have more fun and that is really what it is all about.

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8.  Make it a mission to have fun!

Since the kids are getting older I like to make sure I plan out something Christmasy to do each week.  This season we’re doing fun things like visiting Christmastown USA (here in NC), going back to the local Moravian village for Christmas fun, going to the movies to see The Star, our Christmas baking day with friends (look for a post), and some more things I’m still working on!  Not everything has to cost you a dime it is all about fun.  But also remember the mission part – the mission of Christmas is helping others.  Getting a name off the local Angel Tree, filling up shoeboxes with goodies for children in other countries, working a soup kitchen – these can all be fun and very eye opening and remind you and your kids what a blessed and crazy life we all live!

Happy Celebrating!

LET'S SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT - Christmas is about God the Father's LOVE FOR  MANKIND: ""For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life," John 3:16.


10 thoughts on “Holiday Prep”

  1. Wahoo! I am so stinking ready to celebrate. If I could just kick this dang cold to the curb and run my race first. I feel like I am living a life on hold until those two things happen. I have made it my mission to actually PACK as I decorate this year. Since we are moving right after Christmas time, I might as well pack the things I clear out while decorating.

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