Friday #45



This week on the old blog I shared:

Notes on the eve of turning 36 – I turned 36 on Monday.  Here are some thoughts.

Another Weekend Recap Highlighting the weekend the best way I can – ha!

Making Your Home Thanksgiving Inviting I gave my personal tips on making your home all perfect for the upcoming holiday and the remainder of the fall season!  I know some of you skip Turkey Day (Laura, I’m looking at your pretty face!) but I say whoa nelly enjoy this time of year!

Answering the question You just have to read it.  Then set your DVR for Monday at like 3am.

A few highlights from the week:

Harper B got a hair cut…

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, child and closeup

My mom thinks our cat should have this….

Cammy B got awarded….

There is some seriously festive apparel happening at my local Kohl’s…

And that’s about it as far as fun goes.

This weekend is packed full of goodness.  Today the kids and I are meeting up with my mommy friends for a Thanksgiving picnic (better dress warm because NC is cold as ever right now).  Tomorrow the hubs and I are volunteering at the church’s 5k supporting the Soup Ministry.  Sunday will be laying low!  The kids have a four day weekend in honor of Veteran’s Day.  Be sure to show some respect to the servicemen and women.








14 thoughts on “Friday #45”

  1. A thanksgiving picnic sounds fun! Yes, kitty needs a mermaid costume!! Enjoy all the sweet doings of this weekend! You guys are the best and way to go Cammy B! Tell Mr. B I want a picture of him in that festive BLAZER holding your kitty cat mermaid!! Lol! Have a great and fun weekend sweet friend!

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