I missed a link up.

This is one link up I enjoy and this month I missed it.  Who cares:  Better late than NEVER!  Maybe you can comment something you’re thankful for today?

surround yourself with good intelligent kind-hearted positive loving people

A new friend…but of course!  My little boy has opened the door to new friends for not only himself but also for ole mama.  I’m happy to know Rachel and Mia.  This year I have also got to know Lori and Scott a lot better and I love their company!  Through them we met Andy and Alecia and they are fabulous as well!  Good people make for good times!

It isn’t shiny persay but I’m thankful for my friendship with fellow blogger Andrea – she sent me a beautiful little cross necklace (she read my birthday wish list no doubt!)  It hasn’t left my neck since I received it.

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Someone unexpected is totally our Brady!  We weren’t expecting our Chippy to pass and we totally never expected a new dog to come into our lives a mere 12 hours later.  He’s such a little joy (annoying but a joy.  Chihuahua people you know what I am saying.) And not to throw around favorites but Amendola is also a treasured new member of our family!

Good pajamas are totally my ordinary joy.

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Hey Ashley – you my seester!  I have known my best friend since 2005! What the what?  Yes!  I would be a mess and lost without my favorite partner in mamahood, sisterhood, wifehood, lifehood LOL!

The YMCA – my work out spot.  It isn’t anything fancy but the peace of mind it gives me is remarkable.


My husband has taught me more than he may realize.  He’s helped me with my anger issues through seriously testing them (ha no joke).  He’s made me mature in how I handle situations.  He’s also made me appreciative of things I never thought of before.

Mexico.  I know it’s not really far away but I swear amid all the crap that happens there I just love it.

Prayer saves me every day.  It gives me a better outlook and a way to let frustration out.

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I see my kids every day and I’m thankful for that.  Not everyone gets to due to work and life and where they are in their life.  I’m blessed beyond measure.

Well this is a total surprise for you but exercise.  It can be on the bike, punching air, or running up hills.  I don’t get to every single day but a hefty portion of my week is spent in the gym and guys I would love for it to be every day all day.

A female I’m thankful for…my mom.  She does more than you know to help me out with a lot of stuff.  I’m really blessed to have her and super happy I didn’t get a sucky one.

Home is the nicest word there is. – Laura Ingalls Wilder Read more beautiful quotes about the home here: https://nyde.co.uk/blog/quotes-about-home/

All these places you want me to list that I am thankful for.  How about if I told you my home.  Yes, I get sick of it on the daily but it’s also a pretty great place to be stuck with.  If I am honest I think about people without homes a lot and it makes me that much more appreciative.  Sure, I work in some fabulous homes and mine is no where near the brilliance and grandeur of many of them but my little place is cozy and comfy and something to be thankful over.

I’ve got to list him again – my husband is the male I am thankful for.  He’s got one heck of a girl here to keep his tail end in line and he can deal with my kind of crazy at a satisfactory level.  The kids love him (even though he says he’s waiting to meet their real dad) to pieces and he is super proud of them.

Caffeine - It maintains my sunny personality!  Come to Bagels and Bites Cafe in Brighton, MI for all of your bagel and coffee needs! Feel free to call (810) 220-2333 or visit our website www.bagelsandbites.com for more information!

And lastly – thank you great and wonderful creator for coffee.

Happy Thanksgiving – let’s keep it in our hearts for 365 instead of 1.



18 thoughts on “I missed a link up.”

  1. Kisses you sweet find!!! Isn’t it crazy to be grateful for someone you’ve never “met” in person but you have my heart dear friend and one day, the powers that be will let us gather and enjoy side splitting laughter. Yep, went and found the picture on Pinterest that that very cross came from. It had to be my sissy’s!! Without prayer, oh my, well, lets just say, I feel sad for people that do not pray..we need the Lords guidance and comfort every.single.day! LOVE YOU dear friend!!!

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  2. AH! That LIW quote is one of my favorites…and I am a total Laura fan/nut. What’s the link-up you missed? Is it one I should know about? As for things I’m thankful for, my slightly weird list includes my electric pencil sharpener, the load-size sensor on my washing machine, and toilet paper. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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  3. Such a sweet post. I am all about the 365 over one too. We have SO flipping much to be thankful for. I could just cry if I really thought much about it at all. I’ve been a bit of an emotional hot mess this week. Happy Friday eve!

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  4. I’m glad your man helped you with your anger issues…haha. Funny how God sends us just the right people to help make us better right? And I love that your house is a special place to you! It should be…we should love the way our home makes us feel and the people we share it with.

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      1. LMAO….I have been saving for a really long time and just finally got some things checked off at home. I was like..what in the world am I going to find to complain about once this is all done??

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  5. I forgot to do the link up too. Mostly because I could not answer all the questions, hee hee. We get special people in our lives for a reason, to teach us things and help us grow. Sounds like you picked a good one to hitch your ride to. I think I did too. Home is the best for sure. I want to go there right now!

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