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Making Your Home Thanksgiving Inviting

When you make work and the blog fuse together…

The Halloween decor is supposed to be down.  If it isn’t I’ll sit here and wait while you take it all down right now.

Are you finished yet?

OK good.

A few little tidbits today on decorating for Thanksgiving from my tiny stash of knowledge.  The first rule is this:  You should have purchased your Thanksgiving decor in July when you bought that Halloween candy.  I wish I were kidding.  However, retail is set up to discount and move out Thanksgiving decorum starting the week BEFORE Halloween.  The week of Halloween you can still find some nuggets but the stock will be seriously dwindled down.

Now to the tips:

Thanksgiving is simple.  And this is probably why I love it the most.  When it comes to decorating for this holiday you are actually just decorating for the season we are in.  I know Hallmark fooled us all by putting the Christmas movies back on the rotation but alas – we are in autumn.

DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas
Pumpkins and gourds of variant shades are an awesome addition after the orange guys are over and done with!
Gather autumn inspiration from this natural and simple fall home tour from the Fall into Home series loaded with farmhouse and rustic charm.
Simplicity is the key to the entry way.

Pumpkins. The fruit that keeps on keeping on (if not carved) for months.  We host the pumpkin party and I always have some remaining pumpkins that weren’t carved up.  I use these guys to decorate outside my home.  (I have issues with bringing actual leaves, pumpkins, acorns, etc inside the house.  Ask my friend Ashley about acorns.)  If you had a chance to get by Michael’s the weekend prior to Halloween you could have also scored some faux pumpkins for 70% off.

27 Fall Wedding Bouquets For Autumn Brides ❤ See more: #weddings
Happiness is a pretty dahlia.  Don’t you agree?
Infuse your living room, entryway or dining area with a cornucopia of color with this silk autumn harvest centerpiece. This bold collection of yellow lilies, pumpkin zinnias, and auburn poppies is clustered with autumn ferns and berries. Arranged in an aged resin urn, these festive fall florals are sure to illuminate any space.
Lilies and fall – not so much but you can make magic with silks.

Flowers.  What is life without flowers?  Winter.  I hate winter.  Fall is the last hoo-rah of the floral season and with it comes a multitude of beautiful flowers.  One of my favorite is the dahlia.  These huge bursts of color are welcome additions to your home.  This year I grew deep purple dahlias.  Roses are also still growing and if you have access to a rose bush then go cut some of the gorgeous and vibrant pink stems.  Mums are to fall what Santa is to Macy’s.  Late season daisies bring in the sunshine to your home.  Soon the camelias will be blooming and these are romantic floral flair for your home at both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Excited for fall weather. Ready to enjoy every moment of it with our fox coasters.
Fox coasters are a pleasant fall addition.
Have a hoot with our #welovefall decor!
Whoooo loves an owl?

Wildlife.  Owls, squirrels, and foxes are all fun little creatures that we associate with fall.  As well as deer but I don’t like deer.  Long story.  Though I’m not a fan of nick-nacks these little pesky and nocturnal creatures can make a home more inviting and also give you a smile.

To make your home that much more inviting then add in these additions:

A couple warm and plush throws in plaid or check print.  If you like neutrals then go for nice cool colors like burgundy, navy, and taupe.

Dim your lighting a bit and add in some candles with a rich aroma.

Simple changes like the addition of a couple fall throw pillows can change the feel of your space.

And that is that!




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  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I am SO thankful I packed my Halloween stuff away last night, finally. It had been lying on the table for two days and I was starting to feel like a bum. I hope your birthday, day was good to you.

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