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Notes on the eve of turning 36

I turn thirty-six tomorrow.  Shock and awe, folks…shock and a big damn dose of awe.

I thought I would compile a blog post of thoughts I have had over the last month that remind me I’m “getting up there” and by up I mean fabulous, duh.

When the mention of teenagers comes up this is now my face:

Image result for closed eye roll shaking head

When I realize that for three days in a row I opted for dinner at 4pm….

Image result for total shock face

My nightly ritual of applying every moisturizer and anti aging product known to man….

Image result for funny face cream pictures

When people talk about life experiences that I am over and done with….

Related image

Watching 90’s House on MTV….

Image result for what the what

My patience…

Image result for impatient meme

After having to miss a regular work out my body screams and I am like this…

Image result for i cannot move meme

Yeah that sums it up.




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