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Hello November

Happy One Year Cake Topper, Rustic Anniversary Cake Topper, One Year Anniversary…

Hey guys.  Guess what?  I have been blogging on this site for one year as of today.  I left behind A Brownie World to build a better blog for myself.  I don’t make money off anything I do here but I wanted to rebuild what I did blog and I felt like I had to leave behind ABW.  I’m glad I did.

I mean, I wouldn’t have met you, would I?


Happy and Zen Birthday to you

November is my personal new year.  What the what?  Yep, it is!  November is my birth month and therefore it is my personal new year.  I set goals and restructure my life according to my needs.  I will start off this month celebrating another year to go around the sunshine and being thankful.

I also utilize this time to refocus what I write about here in this space.  My goal is always to put my own weird humor into whatever I may type out and publish.  Many of those of you who read my posts know my humor and like it.

Healing is needed for all of us that are ill. Not just our bodies but our spirits as well.

That’s my point.  That’s my purpose.  To make you laugh or at least smile.

What is life without a laugh or a smile at the expense of someone who wants to make you do those things?


This month I transition again to make CCK a better blog, a better sounding board, and a better friend to those who read on the regular.

Let’s eat some cake, do some strange stretches, glisten a little, and rock out another year together, shall we?

That is really damn optimistic



Currently (Monthly Link Up with Anne in Residence


Realization Naturally, the month I am reminded I am getting older makes me realize that I’m no Benjamin Button.  I’m getting older, the kids are getting older, the house is getting older, the car is so old it freakin’ died on me.  I’m realizing that Olay is da bomb diggity for aging skin.  I also realized that if I were to be pregnant at 36 it would be called a geriatric pregnancy (I DO NOT EVER WANT TO BE PREGNANT AGAIN!)

I’m also realizing how much damned coffee I really do drink.  Maybe it’s the fact that everything is changing but y’all I’m stirring a lot of coffee these days.  Out of the Keurig and into the mug, stir and go.  Out of the carafe and into the travel cup, stir and go.  November is stirring something else up too – memories.  I remember the birthdays of what is now long ago when my Mammaw would cook me my favorite meal of her’s for my birthday:  roast beef, green beans, mashed potatoes, and apple cobbler.  I literally can still smell and taste it and it has been 13 years since the last time I had my birthday meal.

Last month my husband took on a second job (a leisurely style job) to bring in a little more income.  I am appreciative to him for all he does for this family we have going on here.  My best friend’s county had a tornado rip through a couple weeks ago – she was without power for quite a while.  It made me so much more appreciative that the weather system kept the bad stuff away from here but also sad for her and the countless others who had a bad experience.  I am appreciative to all of my fabulous clients.  I really have a great bunch of people to serve.  My mom forgot to pick my son up from school last week.  That had never happened before and the director said I didn’t need to pay the late pick up fee since it had never happened before – I was so appreciative of that one too!  Should I just turn this post into a Currently Appreciative post?  I swear I could make it one in no time flat!

Investigating This girl’s Kelly Kia is done, kaput, so over.  She served me well for ten years and now she is ready to get a repair and move on to a new owner who doesn’t drive a bajillion miles a day.  I want the Lexus but seriously it probably makes zero sense since I carry children, work gear, and everything else in a car.  My husband has his mind made up I’m getting a Tahoe.  I’m driving a truck that gets 12 miles per gallon right now so the idea of Tahoe makes me vomit in my mouth.

Following I’m following my heart to the chocolate table.  Kid you not when PMS rolls around Halloween time it’s stupid.  But as far as anything else – nope not following.  I don’t know what the crap is going on in the world or Hollywood.  Yeah…if it isn’t Patriot Football I don’t care.

And that is that.

Hugs & Bubbly – Amanda


17 thoughts on “Hello November”

  1. My love for you needs no stirring, it simmers perfectly all year long and I raise my cup of Joe to THE Month of my little sis…may it bring new opportunities, cozy comfort, internal happiness, lots of Patriots Wins and so much LOVE!!!! Adore you! Happy One Year, you are da bombdigity!!

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  2. Baha ha! I live a little obliviously to in the following department too. So when is your birthday? I totally understand the personals new year thing. Oddly enough my birthday is 12/28 so I get both in one big wham, you’re a year older AND it’s a new year, to the gut. I HATE it.

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  3. You are right, we did have some similar responses! Also, it’s my birth month too! And I will also be 36! So happy month and new year to us!! And I’m with you, I do not want a geriatric pregnancy. I only have one child, but this mama is DONE. I’m sorry to hear about your car, I hope you find something you like that isn’t the Tahoe? LOL. Nice to “Meet” you through the Currently linkup! I’ll be following!

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