Friday Number Um Something

Sup.  I'll tell you what's up... Exactly.  I don't know because I don't care because I'm too damn tired. Happy December. All this week I've had (prewritten) posts to publish. Gift Guide 1: The 10 Year Old Female Gift Guide: Little Man Gift Guide: His n Her’s And I posted one to get your blood… Continue reading Friday Number Um Something

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Gift Guide: His n Her’s

I have found that the older I get the more I don't really care for gifts from others.  Isn't that a terrible comment?  Isn't honesty often really blunt?  I am thirty-six and I have my own taste in fashion, accessories, and all that jazz.  When I open a gift and it's one of those items… Continue reading Gift Guide: His n Her’s

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Stupid Tips – That Work?!

Hello FOOD!  I mean isn't that what this week is all about?  We're kicking off the eating season by roasting massive farm raised birds and then stuffing our faces with carbohydrates that are one with fat and salt (yeah mashed potatoes I'm talking about you...oh and you too stuffing....I see you pumpkin pie). I thought… Continue reading Stupid Tips – That Work?!