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Hi ho, hi ho! Not to be mistaken with hi hoe.

Y’all before I truly start this post I want to tell you I went through a small hell recently.  My small intestine was on strike and I was having major issues with eating and drinking.  I couldn’t enjoy anything but sips of regular Coca-Cola.  What hurt my feelings the most was that I couldn’t enjoy coffee 24/7 as I generally do every day of my life.  I’m thrilled to report after a while (four days) it subsided and I could gloriously enjoy my cups of joe again!

Coffee and books – friends I love it! We are in the shortening of the days so I’m finding that when it is time to wind down I am in coffee and book mode *unless there is a good football game on!

Today I wanted to share with you a few books I would like to purchase this fall.

This isn’t the Tom Brady book.  For a couple weeks I have been toying with changing my diet over to a predominantly plant based diet.  I don’t care to be vegan but I already eat a lot of non animal sourced protein and tons of vegetables and fruits that I guess I somewhat live this plant based lifestyle but not really in a true awareness state.  Thus this book interests me.  Click here for info.

This book has me so intrigued but I have been told it isn’t very realistic as far as the recipes go for a normal human being.  (Whew take a break!  That sentence was one hell of a run on!)  Still, I’m very interested in this book!

Anyone else love Max Lucado?  After doing one of his Bible studies I was a true fan.  Anxiety is just a part of life and no matter how strong willed we can be it can creep up on us.  I battle it like everyone else and I feel like this book can be that reassuring piece for the season to read.

Gronk wrote a book – I didn’t care to read it.  Tom Brady wrote one – ditto the Gronk comment.  Edelman writes one and I’m like – got to read it.  Yeah so I’m a Pats fan but this guy interests me.  He’s made bad choices (that make me gag – just google him) but he’s also grown into a pretty awesome man (now.) I look forward to getting this read for my birthday (from myself) and seeing this guy as more than just a hot head playboy on my team.

SO maybe I have a weird assortment of cook book/self help/hot football player books on my list to add to my collection – hey that’s so Amanda.




7 thoughts on “These Pages”

  1. I love your eclectic assortment of reads and you have peaked my interest with all of these!! So sorry you felt yucky!!! Time to re-caffeinate that beautiful bod of yours sweet friend!! Happy Monday!..getting closer to your B-Day!!!! xo

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