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F-R-I-D-A-Y #43

Oh look I’m doing a Friday post – what in the world?

HAPPY FRIDAY!  I have today off work and have a little list of things I want to accomplish.  That list makes my Friday post.

Yep! This is pretty much my life right now! Please visit for more!

1.  Work out – Y’all I hate to admit this but I suck.  Two weeks ago I hurt my foot and it kept me from working out.  Last week my husband and I were in fall improvement mode around the house so I focused on that instead of working out.  I know this is bad.  When I do not work out I get in a bad, horrible, terrible FUNK.  I did make it to the gym on Monday so I better get my ever growing ass back today.  #accountability  My tail ain’t getting any younger so I need to take advantage of being young and spry still (do not laugh at me!  I have a birthday coming up!)

Meanwhile, in Walmart... - Kid sleeping with his head on the ground laying under the shopping cart of an old lady...Only at WalMart

2.  Pick up the groceries – And you are falling asleep on that.  I switched my grocery shopping style last week (because of the pumpkin party) to doing the whole Walmart pick up service.  I fell in love.  Literally, I saved so much money by NOT going in the store and the guy that loaded my groceries was the sweetest human on earth.  I just wish they would give me $10 off EVERY grocery trip.  I just have a few questions and MAYBE you can answer me on these:

  1.  How do I turn my “receipt” into Ibotta?
  2. How do I turn my receipt into Walmart Savings Catcher?
  3. How do I get a freaking receipt?
  4. Did you check out my Tasty Tuesday post?
You weren't born to just pay bills and die.  * * * Click the image above to listen to one of the top self help podcasts on iTunes.
Tell that to my mortgage…

3.  Bill pay – This is the day that crushes all hopes and dreams.  I’m not kidding.  I pay bills two times a month and every time it just takes a little of my soul.  I hate car payments and we have one and guess what?  We will probably have another one in early 2018.  Kelly Kia is dying.  I have came to grips with it.  My husband is trying to put her on dialysis but let’s be honest I don’t want a car on dialysis.  I need a spunky young thing.  I need dependability and quality.  I had that in ole Kelly but she’s just old now.  She’s ready for her nursing home days and getting a full tank at 4pm on Friday and then spending the weekend playing Rook and clicking her teeth in and out of her grill.

.Remember when people used stationary, and wrote REAL letters...No texting!

4.  Stamps – I’m sorry I don’t mail stuff.  I have two things that need stamps.  Part of me thought, “What the crap is that again?”  Two birthdays, two little thingamajiggers that need to go through some deal called the postal service.  (I thought all they were good for was Amazon.) I hate going to the post office unless it is Christmas.  Maybe one of the geriatric members of my community will have some stamps.  I need to visit my mom.  (JUST KIDDING.)

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, grass and outdoorImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses and indoor

5.  Photos – My kids both had school pictures this month.  Both of my kids are totally photogenic and let’s be honest that did not come from me or my husband.  When a camera comes out I freak.  I do not have a good side and I cannot be natural.  (Sucks for family pictures which are coming up at Thanksgiving!) BUT both kiddos are great when it comes time for pictures!  My daughter’s picture was so cute.  My son’s haven’t came in yet because they were just taken this week.  I did get his little football picture!  (No, I’m not clear as to why they put a Texas Longhorns back drop up for these pictures.)  The reason these made my list is because I need some new frames.  I used to have tons of frames and now….none.  Well, no extra ones.

And that is my five. I know it isn’t captivating or full of thrills and chills.  I recapped the Pumpkin Palooza this week on the blog!  Go check it out – it had a curve ball!

This weekend we’re participating in a trunk or treat and I SWEAR I’m going to the gym! Woo hoo!




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11 thoughts on “F-R-I-D-A-Y #43”

  1. Get your buns to the gym mama! Hahaha! I TOTALLY know how you feel when it comes to that. I miraculously went 4 times this week…. oh wait, nope. I only went 3.

    Okay, so if you figure those things out, I would switch in a second. The whole aspect of them not printing a flipping receipt is the only reason I haven’t given it a shot yet.

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  2. I have started doing the free two day shipping for everything I can and love it. I cannot wait until our area gets the pick up service. I will be one happy mama. But I have noticed that by not going into the store, I save money! One thing I did figure out was that I can’t submit my receipt to savings catcher. I entered the code off the packing slip and it was denied. Boo!! Happy Weekend!

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