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My Shitty Kitchen Take Over

If you aren’t reading the fabulous Missy’s blog, My-Shitty Kitchen, then you are missing out.  Today I’m sharing a Missy Recipe that I tweaked for my not-so-shitty kitchen.

About Me
There’s Missy in her shitty kitchen.  She has since upgraded!

The original recipe from Missy was a Brisket & Cabbage Soup.  Since I’m working on making my kitchen lower in cholesterol, sugar, and fat I knew this recipe would rock out sans the brisket.  I also am a HUGE cabbage fan.  Cabbage is a super food!  It has so many amazing properties that you should feel bad if you choose to keep it out of your diet.

From Missy’s blog post – we made this healthy by taking out the red meat!

I wish I could say, “After work I ran over to Missy’s had a glass of wine on the porch and asked her advice regarding tweaking this recipe.”  But since she’s in NOLA and I’m in North Kackalacky it was more of a snap chat conversation.

Recently, Missy got the blood spin tests that told her her own cholesterol was stupid so she’s on a mission to lower her’s as well.  She has decided to eliminate wine from her weekly routine and eat more salads.  Oh and the fish oil thing = add that one in too.

For tweaks she suggested nix the brisket and use chicken sausage.  Instead of beef stock use chicken.

While at the store I wasn’t pleased with the chicken sausage so I grabbed turkey.

Since the long wait on brisket to cook wasn’t in the cards for the tweak of the recipe I made this soup in twenty minutes.


It was divine!  My son wasn’t a fan but this cabbage loving mother was a huge fan!  Check out the recipe here on Missy’s blog and note these subs for a heart healthier soup that will make your insides smile (as well as outsides) all fall and winter long!

*Turkey or Chicken Sausage in lieu of beef

*Chicken stock in lieu of beef

Eat up sweeties – this is good!

& my daddy is an awesome cook. (:



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12 thoughts on “My Shitty Kitchen Take Over”

  1. When great cooking minds get together….Bam! Another thing we share, LOVE cabbage and LOVE Missy and LOVE you! I too have to tame back the LDL…my results baffled me but it could be the pumpkin doughnuts, lol. The tweaks are perfect and I can’t wait to gobble down a bowl! xo

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