Taco Soup & Not Chili

Hey friends.  So I made some taco soup.  But first…

I often stray from making taco soup because to me, many times, it turns out like chili.  This isn’t just for me but for others as well.  You add in black beans and corn and tomato and I’m like – ah ha CHILI!  I know you add broth to make it transition to chili but my brain still says, “This is chili, ya goob!”

Alas!  Taco Soup always sounds good!  I wanted to make some!  And I went to Pinterest to find a new recipe.

Whether you are eating low-carb or gluten-free, this crock pot low-carb taco soup recipe is sure to be loved regardless of if you are on a diet or not.

OK so what pulled me in?  Duh.  Low carb.  This is actually a good soup and it didn’t make me think chili!!!  I mean mind blown people!

A few notes:

I used lean beef.

I did not top with shredded cheese.

I did not use Rotel but instead I used diced fire roasted tomatoes.

I used taco seasoning instead of the separate spices. (Hello EASY.)

And everybody loved it.

Go check it out and make it!  Other huge score?  It made enough for us to have it around for three meals.  My family loves soup, what can I say?



10 thoughts on “Taco Soup & Not Chili”

  1. I love this recipe!!! I cannot wait to try it!! Great minds sis, I’m sharing a soup recipe today too. Bring on soup season and you have one heck of a Fabulous Day my love!!

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