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Friday Number 41

So I had a goal of taking more photos.

Yoga with your chihuahua.  I do.  Yes it can be annoying but once I hit that zone where I am aware of self I forget he’s even in there and he’s often gone to sleep.

Hi, it’s me.  This was on the family dinner out for the other half’s birthday.  I did a total bathroom selfie.  And yeah my hair looked that crappy.  But I didn’t care because I felt pretty awesome.  When you feel awesome – embrace it.  Then try to feel it 99% of the time.


Our pumpkin party is 8 days away.  I’m so excited and ready to have some great people over for a good time.  Walmart was my saving grace for some cute pumpkin party supplies – and nearly everything was under a buck!  Major score.


Here I am on the verge of another birthday and what did I do?  I thought I had a wart and I damn near tried to break my foot.  The foot led me into a week of straight yoga and no combat or running.  #uncoolmothertruckers When I cannot work out appropriately I get frustrated with everything and everyone.  This isn’t good.  Thank God for yoga.


When I cannot work out the way I want to I start worrying that I will die.  Is this a little overboard?  I make myself laugh.  Really – I come into a greater awareness of things like my heart and arteries.  Mix that with the November blood spin and you get a chaotic frenzied woman who now must only prepare foods from the earth that contain little to no anything in them.  Good thing most are pretty freaking good.


It is a good thing that I love summer.  October and ninety degrees (nearly) I’m surrounded by summer and I love it!  But this extended summer will allow me to embrace fall even more.


Who scored his first touch down this week?  THIS GUY!  Yeah read the shirt – boy has goals!  He’s been a 53 pound vat of pure human energy this week.  And he’s just getting started…

And that is that…

This weekend we’re chilling out, doing yard work, and chilling out some more.

I hope your weekend is chilled out too!



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11 thoughts on “Friday Number 41”

  1. Woot, woot for that first touch down. That is a moment you will never forget friend! I love the selfie and I love what you said about 99% of the time. I need to do that more. I can be such a roller coaster ride most of the time. I hate it. Have an amazing weekend!

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